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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Getaway - Ipoh

thank god it's Public Holiday on Friday! before my work got busier with 2 upcoming events next week, knock off the work pressure, gotten on my backpack travel to Ipoh. with a cordial reception from the Woon's family, Ipoh trip just couldn't be better. got Ipoh around lunch time, took a quick lunch at Nam Heong, then off to Kellies Castle, Tin Dredge, Caves. Enjoying great dinnner, Dim Sum's my 3rd time to Ipoh, it's still my top 10 =)

p/s: decided to blog off with simpler style. Enjoy. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Classical Cars

Peugeot 204.
1965, April. Peugeot's first front wheel drive car. weighted at 850kgs, reaches 140km/h.
that makes driving the 204 still a mere pleasure even after 45 years.

it almost extinct. it's now listed as an endangered species. 
it is the(D) Morris. 
Morris Minor Traveller.
classical side mirror at front end.
LUCAS front beam
Original Morris Minor Rim. with flat tyre.
and a little side signal below the front beam
authentic Morris Minor fuel cap. 
most unimaginable of all. 
the Traveller is made of wood at its' rear. 
made of selected England Ash, manufactured by Traveller Timbers
the inspiration behind this? Alec Issigonis. the Designer of Morris Minor back in 1953. 
his idea, was unfamiliar, unearthly, but bold. he defied the elements in car making history. 
and that, make his a legendary car designer.
look! the clock is still ticking. and hell yeah. i shot this at 1:35-am middle of the night.
it's the wild Volkswagen Scirocco!!! named after italian word. sirocco- means wind. 
it is the first widely successful front wheel drive hatchback in the history.
hero behind the wheel. Italian designer, Giorgetto Giugiaro. 
a Ford Mustang mimic. Opel Manta A.
was a big sales back then. unlike muscle car Mustang, it merely 1.2L CIH engine in Europe, and 1.9L CIH in America. 
Austin Motor. was a British manufacture. now owned by Nanjing Automobile.
the 1976 Austin Mini Classic. 
like classic car? get a classic car instead of modern car. 

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Let There Be Light

he wrote the hot shoe diaries...

that's his tummy. and bracelet.

and this is his sexy back...

he uses Nikon with huge lenses

his first assistant. Drew

he is. the brilliant Joe McNally. being a 25 years of Nat Geo Photographer

Let There Be Light seminar started with the inspirational talk from Louis Pang. Malaysia's most awarded wedding and portrait photographer. a 7 times WPPI winner!   

then Joe kicks in! before lunch. enthusiastically talking about lights and teasing on Louis  

after lunch. a beautiful emcee came in!
she was there for Joe's Prints Auction. highest bids of the day up to MYR5,000 bidded on Michelle Yeoh photog. the money was donated to Cancer Association...

then Joe goes on showing his biceps after many years of weight lifting his camera

before the seminar ends.
fortunate, i managed to grab a picture with louis. 

and Joe. we have the small hairstyle in different color =)

notably inspirational seminar!  =)