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Thursday, February 28, 2013

In the Valley of Eternal Spring

Here lies a historical land of joy and grief, a place burst forth under the form of British colonial; mourn over the outbreak of second world war, where the Japanese invasion in 1941 forced out the British troops and civilians out of the highlands. The Japanese continue to administer the highlands as foresee agriculture as a vital food source for thier troops. When the Japanese withdrew in August 1945, the place went throught a transformation- the Malayan Emergency, a guerilla war fought between Commonwealth forces and Malayan National Liberation Army, Malayan Emergency was a colonial term for the conflict. The communist guerillas operated from jungle camps in the mountains and used the network of aboriginal trails to infiltrate the Peninsula. The biggest and best known of Malaysia's hill stations lies on the northwest corner of Pahang state, bounded by Perak state to the west, and Kelantan state to the north. The jungle clad 1500m high plateau the weather is reassuringly British, unpredictable, often wet and cold; but when the sun blazes out of the sky, the Camerons are hard to beat.

It was once possibly, perhaps one of the most pictureque highlands retreat in Malaysia with lush of green forest and terraced plantation. However, the poor planning and enforcement have led to environmental degradation. Landslides, silted rivers and dams, constant water disruptions and poor water quality have become the norm. REACH!

Such rich heritage goes on waste.


Cameron Highlands

Terraced tea plantation blanketed in mist

Top of the terraced plantation

Dendrobium brinchangense is an endanger orchid species
endemic to Cameron Highlands

Native's settlement along Tapah to Brinchang

Most of the aborigines are from Temiah tribe

Brotherly love

Mobile market

Settlement of the Orang Asli

I'm a big fan of Tudor architecture, i can't help it but drawn to the interesting and often asymmetrical Tudor style houses. Here's place lies fronting the valley of eternal spring, The Lakehouse where it illustrate my fascination of Tudor.

In the fight of environmental activities, there're always obstacles but please be faithful that there's hope and it is a utmost importance to preserve our heritage.

something that can't be erase while assimilating development,
we embrace with pride the one thing we could not leave behind: heritage. 

Heritage should not give way.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lunar 2013

Hoping 2013 is a year of growth, perspective and family. Spending less time worrying about the worst day of work and more time in making the things that i want. To live at present instead of longing for the next stage.

Carpe diem fan of people following through on small ideas, a friend was casually talking about barbeque, and the vision was realized in a matter of hours.