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Monday, September 22, 2014

Communicating Climate Change- You've got the power!

Climate change communication is a collective work of creation- about intricacies of conveying the message to the public. Imaginative and reasoning between the cold, impersonal world of climate change deniers and the much more ignorant group of people. Photography as tools of exploration, ticket to inner sanctums, instruments for change. Images are the proof that photography matters in bridging the gap of awareness, now, more than ever.

Communicating the urgency of climate change is particularly challenging, scientific facts and figures can be overwhelmed, but sometimes the lack of visual medium is rather prominent. To instill the beauty and fragility of nature, i hope with the communication medium of photography can illustrate the environmental challenges faced by wildlife and ecosystems due to climate change impacts. I'm intend to record the changes through events, awareness campaigns, action groups.

You've got the power!

Capturing the essence of light is perhaps the greatest challenge in the very place of event/campaign action and tame intersected. My wimpy skill of photography to tell a story although this may be open to multiple interpretation of viewers. Images, to not only be the eyes but also a voice to connect people, deriving the flow of energy across a scene as creative analogy for key role enablers- message of movement.

In a world seemingly dulled by a daily overdose of images; i call upon Photographers with conscience, climate change can't wait, we need you, the world needs you, cut through these avalanche of images, standout and express the imperiled beauty of the world- divulge climate change- You've got the power!

CLIMATE PICNIC Sembang-Sembang! 

An unusual- Early Sunday morning of 21st Sept 2014, nearly hundred of people attended "Climate Picnic". This gathering is in solidarity with People's Climate March, to pressure Malaysia's leaders to take action on climate change now. This picnic highlights the importance of opposing climate change for the sake of clean air, water and healthy communities. Full story here.

To change everything, we need everyone.

Tim visualizing his love for planet in words. 

Plenty of colored pencils and recycle "art paper" to express your love for the planet and against climate change.

Vegan foods!

Adrian, the founder of Malaysia (PowerShiftMsia) sharing his thoughts of change.

Jeffrey Lim (an advocate of Cycling KL Bike Map Project) sharing zero-carbon bicycle as the main transport and solution during the picnic.

Ms. Choy Kim Lee was sharing her experience of participated in youth-led training workshop in New York City recently. It baffles her that youth are now given the information and access to decision making process, and the importance of Joining #PowerShiftMsia!!!

To change everything, we need everyone.

His favorite animals are dragon and tiger, in that specific order. He has a 3 legged dragon and a 7 legged dragon. He also love outdoors and the environment. He will ask his dragons to steal and eat those bad people's shoe if they destroy the planet.

So, EVERYONE!!! Don't let the dragon eat your shoe.

Photographers with conscience, climate change can't wait, we need you, the world needs you; to express the imperiled beauty of the world, divulge climate change- You've got the power! 
Use your photography skills to make the world a better place.