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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas in Krabi

a town on the west coast of Thailand, river mouth to the great Andaman sea. Stone tools, ancient colored pictures, beads, pottery and skeletal remains found in the province of cliffs and caves, it is made to believe that Krabi was home to Homo Sapiens since period 25,000- 35,000 B.C.

the Emerald of of the Andaman.

at the peak of Ao Nang Hilltop, embracing the beauty of vast Andaman Sea 

Transportation from Krabi Airport to Krabi Town will take you about 20 minutes by taxi (350THB), 35 minutes by bus (90THB). i was at Krabi in December 2010, Taxi only cost 200THB and bus was 50THB. Such inflation? Or was it because of the blooming of tourism in Krabi? Nonetheless, i think it is still reasonable comparing to Bali. Much much more reasonable. 

Krabi wasn't named out of nothing, it is famous of its luscious crabs! Onto the "Very Good" vessel to the restaurant on water. 
"Very Good" Vessel

Boat will take you 400THB to and fro, not on head count, it'll be reasonable for people travelling in group.
Boat can be easily found by the river side, i believe it can be cheaper, try nego!

a rescued sea turtle at the water restaurant 


The floating restaurant, not for the sea-sick people, i'm serious!

I went in around 3pm, too bad Giant Crabs was sold out! 
Medium crabs will cost you 450THB for 1Kgs

500 grams in Tom Yam Kung, another 500 grams in Curry
No additional charges on any kind of servings.

Grilled squid. You can probably leave this out. 

After lunch, we head to Wat Tham Sua (Tiger Cave Temple) from Krabi town, taxi 500THB to and fro, bus 50THB. If you're going for sunset, highly advise to go for the taxi. I took the bus, by the time i came down from hill top, it's already nightfall and no sign of any form of any public or private transport! i paid some 30THB to random motor-biker, to get me to nearest bus stop.

Wat Tham Sua was named after a tiger paw prints on stone, surrounded by ancient forestation. The temple teaches Buddhism called Vipassana (insight meditation), which based on the teachings of earliest Buddhist exists. Aside from meditation center, it is also a place for archaeological and historical interest, mold for making Buddha prints found in excavations.
Foot of mountain bestowed of Guan Yin goddess; At Peak of mountain blessed of Buddha

1,237 steps climb up the limestone mountain

Midway to the top

Midway to the top, limestone mountain

Top of mountain, views of the surrounding countryside and Andaman Sea

at the peak of Wat Tham Sua

Countryside Limestone mountains

Night falls during midway down Wat Tham Sua, Hungry and tired. i paid some 30THB to random motor-biker, to get me to nearest bus stop then another 400THB for private taxi from Wat Tham Sua to Ao Nang.
Dinner at the staircase restaurant, we ordered, fried rice, pancake, burger, omelette, all for 250THB 

at the Ao Nang walkway

Christmas Eve at Krabi! 

My stay for first 2 nights, Sea Beer Guest House, Ao Nang (450THB a night)
Fan room, shared toilet and a beautiful Ao Nang street view! 

a quiet Christmas Morning 

the pole of a thousand wires

Krabi policeman


I got a half day canoeing trip (700THB) to the beautiful nature, to Bor Thor village, paddle to tunnel caves Tham Lod Tai and Tham Pee Hua. Tour includes, lunch, coffee/tea, insurance, life jacket, fruit, drinking water, 5 liters dry bag and tour guide. Basically, you just need to bring sun cream, sunglasses and camera. 
kayaking on the Bring river, a mangrove lined saltwater river

inside the tunnel of Tham Lod Tai, a splendid formation of stalactite and stalagmite airy cave

The Big Headed Ghost Cave or the Skull Cave (Tham Pee Hua), skulls, ancient wall painting are found on the roof and walls of the cave

Inside the Tham Pee Hua Toe

Tham Pee Hua Toe

Half day canoe trip ends around 2.30pm, head back to Ao Nang. Rested, read and enjoying sunset by the Ao Nang beach.
Santa Claus and the girlfriend

Sunset, Ao Nang Beach

Sunset, Ao Nang Beach

Idyllic, unspoiled beaches, pristine beaches on outlying islands, no wonder thousands of tourist flocking in Ao Nang all year long, for its wide range of activities. Foods can also be easily find on Ao Nang street, here, from traditional local food market to a wide choice of western options. 

Tom Yam Kung, 60THB

Seafood Friend Rice, 70THB

Fried, BBQ and grilled, ranged from 20THB to 80THB

Grilled corns on the cob! 20THB

Grilled fish, 120THB

the Bokehlicious Neon Christmas Tree

Christmas in Krabi was rather warmth, 3 hours approaching Christmas, fireworks and sky lanterns painted the starry night in candle light and chaos of colors; Acoustic musics and Christmas carols in the sky! 

The next morning, head out for breakfast at Sitti Cafe, a nice little cafe at the corner of Ao Nang street, comfortable. 
Motorbike rental for 200THB

Morning at Ao Nang

Long Tailed Boat also known as Ruea Hang Yao is a watercraft native to Krabi, long tailed boat races held regularly in Thai province, compete for the status, and prizes! The long tailed boats in Krabi are super-sized of what now become a traditional means of water transport. These boats can be easily found on most beaches, and can be hired for hour or tour.
Long Tailed Boat

Tourists from Japan

Little kid enjoying his morning sunbathe and toys

Little Sitti Cafe

Decorated in blue and white

Long Black

Hopped on our rented motorcycle, cruise along Ao Nang looking for hotels, guest houses. Driving in Ao Nang is a leisure, in much reduced speed, we're immediately identify as tourists on the bike. Despite the often allegation on reckless driving in Thai, native users on the road have been very polite to us.
at the Hilltop of Ao Nang, here you can grasp the great view of Andaman Sea

Pink helmet

Here where i spent the rest of my afternoon with book, music and espresso

Espresso served with butter cookies (50THB)

the gloomy dog

the gloomy kid

We set in a air-con hotel at Walking Street, Ao Nang (2000THB), then head for Italian Food. Foods in Ao Nang are really abundant, here, we can find a restaurant every 20 steps away. Just pop in, check for price and menu, make your choice.  
at the Italian Restaurant


I'm really impressed by how the Thai government runs their tourism, it is at its best form, easily above expectation. Nature are well preserved despite the tourism loom, they didn't scarify forest for Highway, Hotels.  They know, tourism flourish from their nature. 

The "Land of Smiles" best described this place, people here are really friendly. Public Transportation is really convenient, i was waiting for bus at Krabi Town and Ao Nang, shuttle buses (pick up truck), taxi and tuk-tuk pass by every 10 minutes. Touring information can also easily found at any tourism information counters in Ao Nang, Thai government also setup a convenient info center at the heart of Ao Nang, they give advice onto the best deal that feed your needs, here, you can go Helicopter ride, Rock Climbing, Horse ride, Elephant ride, ATV ride, Boat ride, Kayak/Canoe, Snorkeling, Diving... 

I'll take one word to describe Ao Nang- Impressive