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Monday, February 28, 2011


喝酒的伴 一起看電影的伴
朋友不能留得太晚 明天要上班
唱K的伴 一起去旅行的伴
我的生活 只差那個人就美滿

快樂剩一人分享 快樂就只剩一半
這張被單 這張睡床
沒人分享 幸福就只剩一半

沒有想法 有想法又能怎樣
幾個留言安慰不了 心裡的遺憾
沒有負擔 原來也是種負擔
你羨慕我 那要不要跟我交換

快樂剩一人分享 快樂就只剩一半
喝一碗湯 心怎麼都不夠暖
這張被單 這張睡床
沒人分享 幸福就只剩一半
別來提醒 我的孤單

快樂剩一人分享 快樂就只剩一半
喝一碗湯 心怎麼都不夠暖
這張被單 這張睡床
沒人分享 幸福就只剩一半
沒人知道 我多孤單


Sunday, February 27, 2011

the Ultimate Debate- Malaysia or Malaysaja

Not only her speech was brimming with confident, unlike other politicians;
her words advocated with facts.
She is "In Search of a Better Malaysia"
-Nurul Izzah Anwar-


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

路遥知马力,日久见人心 | A man knows,Time tries all

Dear Heavenly Father i prayed for Your guidance, how to alienate people and lose my friends. Ever since young, my folks keep telling me to carefully select my friends, and they never allow me to choose my own associations. I did not listen, and deeply disappointed of how my friends been treating me.

"Do not deceived: Evil company corrupts good habits." As i grew up, where do you think i learn the greatest amounts of evils? Where do you think i learn how to drink? Not from any but friends. I chose to befriend due to peer pressure, seeing everybody has friends, it freaks the loner out of me, so i made friends without carefully concern and cautious.

"The righteous should choose his friends carefully, for the way of the wicked leads them astray." Satan works through these, leading others to influence and corrupt my mind.

He said," Show me your friends and i'll tell you who you are." He told me i'm a backstabber, smoker, no-brainer. It was true, that's who i am, corrupted and evil. From now on, I shall alienate people and lose my friends, then choose my friends wisely, i think it could literally save my life.

Bad friends are like metal, they'll rust eventually. It's just the matter of time; Good friends are like diamond, not only did they shined, they make you shine the best of you. Angels or demons, your choice.

p/s: if you think i'm talking about you. don't take it personally. it reflects as generally. also, i found backfire on personal blog is childish and no-brainer, if you don't like the way i convey my thoughts. LEAVE. it's a personal blog, i have all the rights in the world to engrave my thought here.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Leather Tramp Across the Town

to be able to walk about, travel on leather tramp is a joy to behold. Shooting on film, had allowed more time for me to perceive with my eyes, to smile and snap. Of course, "invisible camera concept" doesn't really apply in Malaysia, we are still slightly more sensitive with camera, it doesn't matter big or small, it stimulates a sense of mental distress. I was as if a stalker of the street, mostly not welcome but sometimes it blended with little surprises.

"This is neither creation nor memory, but documents."

++ Shot with ++
Leica M C2-Zoom
on FujiColor Superia x-tra ISO400/ 27°c Process CN-16 | C-41
++ Expired: Jan 2005 ++

At a flea market i always head for junk old stuffs first.
too bad, pirated items are usually overwhelmed old stuffs.

the only disability in life is bad attitude. -Scott Hamilton-

Inner peace.

Hidden connection is strapping an obvious one.

the important thing is to have principles when you're wretched.

i stopped. for the irony, that we always waste our foods and forgot that there are others in need. 

the great muser. 

Life isn't just about work.
Are you ready to slow down to speed up?

the conveyer. 

the struggle between father and son, that both always forgot how to cry. 

he had read the papers more than anybody else in the country. 

he too, had read a lot. 

Don't be afraid to fall, the world is your light,
rise again and stand tall. 

the right time to eat: for a rich man when he is hungry,
for a poor man when he has something to eat. 

Against the flow. 

always look things in different perspectives. 


Thursday, February 10, 2011

One Seat: Local Shame

"One Seat of Shame" 
i was taking train the other day, i too, like the others was looking for a place to sit while waiting. i mean, who wants to stand all day waiting for public transport huh? One lady was actually standing in front of the guy in white shirt, pondering upon the empty seat. It blows my mind that he did not remove his bag set in the empty seat, but looks away. It was one seat of a local shame, the bag engraved "Multimedia University".


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

For Hee, the CNY2011

CNY 2011 ended earlier than expected, literally. It wasn't over yet but leaving my home and friends, that cued the end of my CNY. Cny my foe, i sprained my ankle and wrist, double kill. Second day of cny stamped my pain, i lost a friend, a real special friend. Secret, magical, without precedent in my world.

i miss my grandma, i miss my family, i miss my friends. i miss the sea breeze and sands of my home.


cny with books and coffee

my adorable cousin!!! so big the eyes!!! and so fair the skin!!! crud!
 my grandma keeps asking who the hell am i, i really should come home more often! Damn!
my dad told me this is a pass on treasure from my grandpa, handmade by my grandpa himself! My uncles told me it was used to dust off their pillows back then. I said, bullcrap! My grandpa must have used this to whack you all! Guess who got whack that day? *ouch*

 As usual, our Malay cousin came for visit! With surprise! It my grandma's great grand son!!!

Here's a little detour of our "grand foyer".

So many gathering this year! i think it was much more often than last 2 years! Gee! Most probably because i was sick for the past 2 years! F*ck! No more sickness please. It was really horrible my cny foe.

No "RISK" this year, it's pretty saddening.

My own encounter of the Hot Shoe Diaries!!! Hell yeah!

Gone back too soon. Shite.



Monday, February 7, 2011





Goodbye My Angel,再見了天使的心,我和我未知的夢要離開這裡。
Goodbye My Angel,再見了天使的心,我會帶著一個答案回來這裡。