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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Diary of the Wimpy Macro

Macro had became one of my favorite pass time, it feels groovy exploring, discovering bugs in Urban Jungle! Jungle trekking has always been a passion during the years of my high school, and now I can jungle trekking + photographing (FAITH +1)! After the Dengue Fever, I had never felt such intimidated by mosquitoes! It was troops of mosquitoes buzzing, stinging ignoring the functioning Mosquitoes Repellent. It was awful!


Upon trekking, i found this little nasty pest! What they do? Extremely good at laying eggs at unripe or ripening fruit, where larvae hatch and feed on fruit pulp, infesting fruit fails to ripe and spoils really fast! Eating that fruit, make your tummy ache.
Whopper Katydid! it's a really huge Katydid. Katydid and grasshopper are differ in much ways, Katydid has longer antennae, auditory organs of Katydid are at its' forelegs while grasshopper on its' abdomen. "If it's green, it's probably a Katydid!" it's a saying.
Planthopper is always such a fascinating bug to shoot at, it's such mysterious. As if it was from another planet. Well, from the name itself, it's consider a pest as it feed on plant, also often vectors of plant diseases.
From the look of it, this should be a Soldier Beetle. Soldier Beetle is predacious and feed on other insects. It preys on caterpillars, aphids. They are beneficial and harmless insect, like a soldier guarding the plants.
Jumping Spider lives all around us. Look! That's a spider crawling on the wall! If it has really big eyes most likely it's a Jumper! all Jumpers have 8 eyes, and 2 of those seem enormous for such little body.   Also, they can leap 10 to 40 times of its' body length!
If you notice the difference in the eyes' color, it's probably staring at you for disturbing!
and this little fellow caught a little grasshopper!
While i was busying violating the garden, I look back as though a voice was summoning my name. Gosh! it's the Tree of a Thousand Beetles!!!
They are beautiful!!! Look at the color! It's a second topper after the Tree of a Thousand Giraffe Weevils!
Probably 18sx. The Beetle's reproductive organ.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm Just Flying a Kite. Really!

That fine day, I was pouring my day with books by the beach, and Cherry goes suggesting go fly a kite?

The beach was flocked with endless of people! Really! Endless...and you can see how many failed mission with countless kites got stuck on the tree. I mean, HAHA!
Wind was awesome, flying a kite was super easy; while exploring the beach for world weirdest creatures- the Nick Baker special. Cherry told me this is a Starfish, how true is that? let's consult our own Marine Biologist, Mr. Starfish.......
Beside human flocking, fold of sea creatures join the fun too!

Growing up in a beach town is super cool! Couple minute of drive, you can smell the sea breeze, kick the sands, also pee in the vast ocean and it's FREE!!! Needless to say, it always had been such a bless having a bunch of wonderful friends, especially the members of TCXG.

Also, an awe-inspiring place to start photography +D
if you're wondering why there's some weird blur substance at the ridge line, those are sea water, my camera gotten to low and it hits the South China Sea, salty, and thanks to the superiority magnesium alloy built Nikon body, it survives the dunk.

What'ya waiting for? Hop on! Have fun at the beach!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Macro @Bukit Pelindung

come to think of it, it's actually the first time i was doing macro at my hometown! i'd well heard about the profusion of insects at Bukit Pelindung, and i'd decided to check it out on that morning... ...

Encounter! an Ant-Mimicry Spider! Ants are incredibly dominant organism throughout the world, estimated 15%-20% of terrestrial animal biomass is ant biomass, their huge numbers and ecological dominance make them appealing target for other insects to parasitize in anyway they can. and this spider, evolved to look and behave just like ants in order to blend in the colonies, some steal food from colony; some prey on the ants or eggs. Very cool creature!

this beetle barely move at all. look at its' hind and fore legs, it's all enduring the assaults of parasites!

Black ant with red butt! Just checking out all the ants, in case i'll get any more ant mimicry! =)

Not sure what's this, but it sure hold out amongst plant with that color.

Mating Beetles...

Grasshopper nymph! So cute! In case you don't know, grasshopper undergoes 6 stages of development from a newly hatched nymph to fully winged adult.

very beautiful spider resting in its' web. My guess? This should be a wolf spider, poisonous but not lethal and non-aggressive.

then i finally got my first bee in flight shot!
Wait a minute!!! The bee wasn't hovering! Look closely! It was caught on a flower?!
Holy moly cannoli! It's a Crab Spider!
Definitely awesome! What a day! Crabster with Prey!

Definitely an awesome place for night macro!!! But very dangerous to get there alone =(

Sunday, September 12, 2010

JackFruit Bay Monochrome

Jackfruit Bay or famously known as Teluk Chempedak, located just 5km east off town. the rocky mull facing ceaseless waves of South China Sea. also a place i spent most of my childhood life.


one of the prettiest beach i'd been too. awesome!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Into the Wild Green yonder with Photo-Cycling!

hasn't make any photo-walk for awhile until recently, me and my friend, Terry hopped on our Bikes then make a photo-cycle trip up North yonder the wild green and sands!!! i miss cycling a lot! thanks for the Convoy my friend!

before navigating upon the journey, we fuel up at the "Meng Fong" Restaurant with Kaya + Butter toast!

look at how cocky Terry was. beside cycling, we made a little weight treks too!
after 40 minutes cycling towards North, we got to an unknown beach. Enjoying the breeze and post war-artifacts!
Enjoying ourselves at the Wild Green.
we got to Beserah Beach eventually! SURPRISE!!!
in the nick of time for the last "Fasting Month" Bazaar! a last day for our Muslim friends enduring the fasting and jubilate Raya ahead!
and we enjoying our junket dependent upon the abandon playground.


it was a rattling photo-cycle journey! have to do it again!!! =)