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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dear Travelers, how long you'd never been home?

NicoBella D200, f/5.6, 1/160 @36mm. Shot from moving vehicle.

Home is a memory that follows your being 
Home is a dream for those agreeing 
Home is the place where reserves fall 
Home is the place you yearn to call 

i dreamt a place of my home. 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Battle of Macro-thon

Macro Marathon is a test of physical endurance and mental strength! Despite hiking with our gear weights, duel with the hot and humid weather, it also a dogfight with the mosquitoes! 8 hours of endurance, is sensational!
of course, it's a time when you meet friends sharing the common ground.

Lynx Spider with eggsac. it is truly an amazing expectant season for spiders around the area!
not sure what type of spider, but it looks gorgeous! ID from Kurt (thanks!), it's a Spitting Spider. they are small and slow, but they spit! Spitting Spider uses its' silk gland to spit silk to capture prey, they might be slow, but they spit faster than my shutter speed! at 1/600th second!  
soldier beetles pairing.
Spotted Hopper. it sure look handsome! notice a red dot at the front hop leg? it's a tick. 1:1 Macro couldn't get any close enough for the tick. but it'll sure give ye a goosebump!
and man!!! look at this! my first Male Giraffe Weevil! Giraffe Weevil endemic to Madagascar, it derives from the extended long neck like the common giraffe. absolutely smashing insect!!!
the Crab Spider, why it was called a crab? mainly because it resembles a crab, 2 front pairs of legs angled outward like the claws and body are flatten like crab shell, also, it moves like those crab too, sideway or backward. very fascinating insect!
this which i reckon. should be a long jawed orb weaver.
and this!!! cute little female Giraffe Weevil!!! so cute!!!
a colourful caterpillar found at the top of our hike...very colourful.
the significant pest for mankind! Asian Tiger Mosquito!!! aka. Aedes Albopictus!!!
eyep. it's biting me... OUCH!

ladybug...they are generally consider useful insects as many species feed on pests in the garden...
and a few i'm not sure what's the species yet bugs...ID from Kurt =D Assassin BUG!!!
Shield bugs
and when i trying to shoot flies...Kurt says: " Fly also want to shoot argh? " hehe
look at this fellow, Wolf Spider with EggSac!!! they're every where!!! or is this the same one i meet over and over again... that's ridiculous.
and some fluffy bug. yes it's a bug, i saw it moves...assassin bug mah...
and what the duece! when i look through the thick jungle leaves! i found this!!! a crab spider putting on Golden Tortoise beetle as a top hat!!! a Golden Tortoise Spider?!
it was actually. tortoise beetle was caught on by this little crabster. Crab! Crab Spider is not in focus! Crab!
remember this? we went last week, this little jumper was protecting its' egg in the web! well. ka-boom!!! egg hacked!
and this bugger was sitting right on my monopod...Hooray! buggers started to like me =) not sure what this is... orb?
omg! a cacoon??! of what?
and this piece of pile dirts...derrick told me it's an assassin bug! it camouflages itself! can you believe it? cool!
hey! you again! the same old Wolf Spider i met this evening?
ohh boei. i have no idea what this is...i just tembak as Kurt told...ID from Kurt (thanks ye) Assassin Bug Nymph!
a huge Nursery Web Spider with a huge egg sac. if you notice, all species of Spiders have its' own way to protect it youngs... and all are very protective!

the battle of Macro-thon!!! awesome!!!

ID updated. Credits to Kurt!
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mamiya RB67 Pro-S

it'd been long i was pursuing for a TLR or Medium Format! Just about recently, i'd finally got myself a Medium Format camera, Mamiya RB67 Pro-S. Well, to answer some of the doubts from friends, Why Medium Format? Put this into a simpler way, It's a film camera that traditionally widely used by professional fashion/portrait/still live/weddings photographers back in the 70's, some of my favorite medium format photographers like Sebastiao Salgado, Michael Kenna and Eugenio Recuenco. Of course, there are much more! 

Frankly, i missed the time when photographer uses Film, especially medium format, i wasn't even born yet! it's unfair! and i don't want to regret for the rest of my life for never used a medium format camera! For me, my future is Analog. (Sounds Bleak) 
Make Up: hee, Model: hee, Photographer: hee, Assistant: NicoBella, Outfit: sponsored by Ms.T

i don't want to argue about the quality of Full Framed DSLR, DX DSLR, 35mm, TLR or medium format, let's not talk about that. it wasn't about the camera or quality, it's about the feel. i feel comfortable with medium format, 35mm, TLR, cause you just never know what you'll get until the day you develop it. 

looking through the prism from waist level, with much larger view finder, 120mm, and look at the size of it! it's just massive! heavy! bulky! VINTAGE!!! 

how heavy? 2690g!!! how's that? i love the weight! 

Also, i'm sober due to the rising of DSLR users in the market, everybody can just initiate the intelligent mode from expensive DSLR and shoot but it wasn't about skills anymore. with Medium Format, you just can't do it without photography skills. 

i always wasn't the popular kid at Kindergarden, School, Uni, Work... and i don't want to be a popular user too. Don't you feel sad when you're using iPhone or BB? while 95% of the population are using the same thing? Don't you feel drunk seeing some many Toyota and Honda on the road? Congratulation if you don't. If you do, you'll mess up your life like i do. 

Of course you see i'm talking irrelevantly to what i'm showing, shut your pie hole!!! (that's what ben wah says). Yes, Mamiya RB67 Pro-S does have interchange lens and viewfinder!!! Mine is 90mm. You can check out more here

Don't you just love the design? people back in those days make better stuff don't they? 

Conclusion: This machine is highly not recommend. So that it will stay unpopular, and i can stick to it. Also, medium format cameras are still under production till recent day. It's not as antique as you think. For such, modern medium format makers; Hasselblad, Mamiya, Rollei and Sinar

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*author speaks on his humble opinion, nothing sarcastic or satirize.* 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Saturday Night Macro

it'd been a crazy Saturday! Sleep deprivation! Macro Maniac! No rest!
early Saturday morning, i went checking out the Putrajaya Wetlands. Just wasn't my lucky day, the wetlands seem to be too young. Rather disappointed feeding mosquitoes for the off pulling result.
seeing the proboscis fly is a boost in morality... ...
Praying Mantis with Prey.
and Flamingos? Hmm... i wander why it's not pink?
an Iridescent Jumping Spider. too bad 1:1 Macro couldn't get me any closer, it's too small!!!
this should be another jumper...
Butterfly sucking nectar.
it'd been a 3 hours lost and search in the Wetlands, should have just rent the bike! damn! Morning Macro ends about 12pm, Lunch, back up the pictures, gear up for the night macro!!!
Night Macro is much fun than i thought! no mosquitoes at all?! so chilling. best thing all, you got to see some extremely hard to catch bug, resting at the tips of your nose.
Caterpillar kicks start the adventurous night...
the Jumper wrapping up its' prey frantically
the dark beetle
Don't you think this is cute? the head so big but the body so small =D
and then!!! my first ever Tiger Beetle!!! TIGER BEETLE MAN!!! ohh man!
a Close-Up at the purple red Dragon!
the size of this beast? it's a huge as the size of palm!!! Scary!!! it's much more horrifying when you see it move so darn fast!!! as if it's going to climb up your armpits!!! scarey...
hope this is what i wish it is. the so freaking huge Crab Spider
another Huge Huntsman Spider!!!
the Soldier Beetle, namely COOL!
Wolf Spider carrying Babies on its' back!!! and shit! i miss the eye shot! damn! i miss my magnifying eyepiece!!!
Nursery Web Spider carrying egg sacs, couldn't get a good shot at this, it keep hiding...
and this is cool! a Jumper with eggs... it seems like an expectant season for the Spiders!!!

Awesome macro spot!!! man. it'd been a wonderful macro maniac day! what a Saturday!

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