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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Night Macro

Night time is the right time!

The why of night
At night, life in the undergrowth emerges into a different set of variety compares to the day; a glimpse into others that remain hidden during daytime. While in fact, most insects are nocturnal, this is to prevent too much exposure to sun, also, there are lesser predators during the night.

Most of all, it is so much cooler and chill at night! And the rewarding supper after night macro :)

Night Macro Rig
Being at night, of course, night macro is done using flash, and something to shine a light with. Torchlight or headlamp, i'm using both. A headlamp to find my way around through the jungle, this also make it easier for me to look for insects/herps on branches. A torchlight is used as a focusing light, great stuff for composing with light on macro objects.

My night macro rig constructed from a mount of Nikon R1 on attachment ring: Nikon D700 + 68mm Extension Tubes + Tamron SP90 + DIY Diffuser. See my night macro rig over here. Shooting on full flash, thus, adding torchlight or focusing light will have no effect on images as full flash and exposure fast enough to remain as the only light source.

Headlamp and Torchlight i'm using

If you're interested in macro photography and worry about how to start, check our some of the workshops from my mentor- Kurt (Orionmystery)- Macro Workshop 

Here are some of the images from Night Macro.


Antlion (Myrmeleontidae)

a subadult of Orange-necked Keelback (Macropisthodon flaviceps)

Brahminy Blind Snake (Ramphotyphlops braminus)

Brown Wolf Snake (Lycodon effraenis)

Dragon Headed Katydid (Eumegalodon)

Emerging Dragon (Odonata)

female Zodariid spider with ant prey

Flower Mantis Nymph (Theopropus elegans)

Robber Fly (Asilidae) with Spider Wasp Prey (Pompilidae)

Systella rafflesii Westwood, 1841 (Dead Leaf Grasshopper)

Mole Cricket (Gryllotalpidae)

Pink headed Reed Snake (Calamaria schlegeli)

Night time Wonders.