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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the Man with past

NicoBella w Tokina 116 @16mm, F3.5, 1/60", ISO100

and then, he ponders away. looks upon his past beyond the concrete wall, reminiscence the road he took with his family. that's those moment he had forever in his memory... ...he was taken away that day. into captivity. but he was isolated by his kind, he's a stranger. he grabs hold of himself, walk out the  troop, to the easy road to loneliness. 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!!

have i told you? that i almost grab on the Yashica mat 124-G!!! God! i should have just shrug off the thinking, ignoring the fact that i need to save for my Oz's trip. let's just keep the fingers crossed that i'll meet her one day again, and i'll grab you next time! 
Image from Flickr: StarbuckGuy

yes! i'll say it again. "the Future is Analog." i'd definitely fall for Film these days, TLR is a dream! especially the dream of Rolleiflex. been traveled down South Malaysia recently, for the Bugfest, and these film came late with surprises! here goes! Bob's World Peace buzz
a vintage Karmann Ghia with oval signal lights. have i told you? it also the world slowest sport car! 
when all bugs meet. it feels as thought you're living 60's again! that's a decade i'd missed for Malaysia's Football Glory days! 
i'd make my story a few posts back...i'm just going to cut the crap and show the little surprise from analog camera. these images are mostly capture with Smena 8m and my dad's Kodak VR35 K5, an ordinary film camera most of you or your dad had one of it kept in the attic, the ugly truth is, you don't disregard your stuff because it's old or ugly, you ignore it! Digital had inevitably changed our life especially in photographing, but film camera is still the killer! it captured like non of the digital can do. if you have an unused analog camera in your storeroom and your dad hates it, pick it up, get a film and go shooting! it's fun and sometime reward with surprises. Else. you can give it to me. 

Appreciate old stuffs, especially the one you acclaimed "the Old man". Happy Father's Day! i love you dad. also, feel free to read a great short story i loved so much! Yen-the Old Man & her. 

here's the pica of the day, a car i wish to buy for my old man one day =)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend Getaway- Sekinchan

Sekinchan. a town i'd heard so much about it! and i'm finally making my jaunt! with major help from GPS, i made my way easily. it's 105km away from Seri Kembangan, it's darn far but worth going! also, you can always follow the road sign, go towards Klang -> Kapar -> Kuala Selangor -> Tanjung Karang (Sekinchan)... it took me 2 hours. Don't worry, sign boards are clear. Once arriving Tg. Karang, take a look at your right, paddy fields are bosomed behind those barren houses.
the air is so fresh, sunny but windy. taking the deep breath, as though the air is filled with paddy rice.
a stroll amongst paddy field, i stopped. Reckoned. "Wow. this is my culture? it's amazing!"
June- July is one of their harvest season of the year, with help from some friends. i got there right on time! they were harvesting the paddy... and i'm glad Farmers in Sekinchan are so friendly!
welcoming our visit! these 4 farmers drove their paddy harvester from far coming upon us... absolutely not camera shy =)
and the sky is so wonderful at the out-skirt.
to be honest. this is the first time in my life i was so close to paddy field! and took a bite at fresh harvest raw paddy!
it feels great lying down on the fluffy paddy bed looking upon the dark blue sky... also it's a super-duper king size! you can roll as far as you can without falling from bed...
Travel along. NicoBella with the team... such a great comrades over the 2 years.
of course. what's the point if i'm didn't show you how i hover-ed on camera =) HYPED!
the paddy fields are so darn huge and massive, highly recommended do not hang around walking! take a hitch on farmers' bike or drive! while i drove around, and met some local farmers who enjoying their day resting beneath the tree's shadow. enjoying its' shade.
paddy awaiting its' time to be harvest and contribute its' life to mankind.
but here's something i would have to against these local farmers, which i believe they had open burning? correct me if i'm wrong.
the water system at Sekinchan...
meanwhile, let me present to you. Bobb, he's a genuine Holland supporter for this year world cup. he'd spoken his mind, Holland will win the world cup, which is something we had in common.
my stomach is calling, and that sums up my call to Sekinchan. Definitely worth revisit!

Travel Tips:
what i'm going to do for revisit? i'll go in the afternoon, check in HomeStay Sg. Sireh, stay for the evening for sunset at Sekinchan, have the sun cooks up the paddy fields into gold color and sparks on my face. then head towards Kuala Selangor, which is merely 12km away for seafood and fireflies... spending the night at homestay, woke up early for next morning catch the twilight, help up at the paddy field =)

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Monday, June 7, 2010

BugFest 2010, Johor Bahru!!!

in search of the bug's life story had brought me down to Johor Bahru. also, embarked my first visit to Johor Bahru! cy & i took the midnight train, we had the deck coach. super comfy!
we couldn't sleep for the night, then we take a stroll from front deck till the end! cool!
after 8 hours of goodnight sleep, we got to Johor Bahru! and cy's friend, Tham & Kenneth already pondering upon our arrival at the station, with his bug with Bra.
see what i mean? bug with Bra.
Kenneth is from Hong Kong. Yes! this bugger flew all the way from HK for this event! Bugfest 2010! and he has 3 bugs and 1 super fine Karmann Ghia in HK!
0830. we got to Sutera Mall, where Bugfest held. wasn't that much bugs yet.
and a Karmann Ghia...
and a few bug van...
by 1000. bugs are flying in. flocking the Bugfest! let the feast begins!!!
now. here's one particular bug i need to say something. this bug is a masterpiece. detailed. rare accessories.
even the bug master kenneth, agape. tham was drooling and cy's pants dropped.

and all of sudden, after lunch hour, downpour like no one else's business.
we were trapped at the Sutera Mall which doesn't has a Cinema! from Right. Kenneth, me, cy, Ming
and we were trapped in the mall playing chinese chess and lost to this little 7 y.o. prodigy!
thank god the rain stopped after an hour, all bugs are soaking well, all wax are effortless. how sad.
that's me and Tham's bug with bra...
Party crusher! stupid Johore's Kenari! fugly to the max! get lost!
the boy and his chum.
Khoo and his Samba!
VW is so bored.
a fine lad came all the way from Penang, it took him 11 hours drive... madness! and another lads with his son, drove 18 hours from Kelantan!
it was so hot and humid... so many people and bugs... so hungry and so smelly...

we brought Kenneth to one of the local finest cuisine...Secret Recipe... we wanted to try the bugger restaurant, but it's a steamboat! too heavy for hi tea boy!
cy and i with the bug with bra...
met new friend...BK, that's his wife and cute little boys at the back. not his back! at my back!
night falls fast. it's around 2000 already, and we'd been here for almost 12 hours! without bathe! owh me lord!
and finally! the result released at 2130! the best bug's engine goes to! Stephen the king! one of my newly met friend =) his wife and his mechanic
everything sums up at 2200. we were exhausted and smelly, and hasn't have our dinner yet... tham brought us to Chinese cuisine...
after a good night sleep, we went back for the vintage car and motor show! from Left, BK, Gary, Tham, Cy, Kenneth and me!
and here's come the vintage machines!
and Vintage bikes!
ya! that's a hell lot of picas! 100++ geez! and luckily i have Picasa =)
hell yea BugFest 2010!

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