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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Holdfast Gear- Money Maker (Water Buffalo Burgundy)

I don't usually, promote for gears, and here's a first, probably the last. I'd been looking for a two/dual camera harness for months: Blackrapid, Crumpler, CustomSLR, "Cotton Carrier" you name it. It's a serious investment, so i never rush in, i want to make sure to get something high quality that might possibly last for a long long time. I came across this pair of suspenders over the internet, it gave me sleepless nights thinking about it; it looks timeless, it defines style.

Had this on for several pre-wedding, this leather bunker braced on DSLR with battery grip + a 150mm lens, an analogue medium format. It holds any of the two cameras that fall on sides, weight evenly on shoulders and back; it remains a good reach at both sides, it falls at the right place, just nice.

I'd finally found the camera strap that end my cycle of looking ups and downs for straps, the fact that this is a leather handmade in USA, buckle and brass in a timeless design. This is an actual leather of water buffalo, it arrived waxed, i wear it as soon as it breaks in, it becomes softer over time, here's something that develop its own unique feel and get better with in age. 

Quick release pin D-Ring + Holdfast clip


It offers good old vintage leather fashion, and it basically outclassed most of the straps in term of functionality, comfort and reliability. It screams, this is how you made a camera straps!!!

I never worry about it being wobble frantically, it rested right at the back of my arms, i can either push it back with both of my arms or hold it on the sides. Lean, squat, bend, creep forward, it didn't give me so much trouble, unless you're carrying on a really long lens, gravity will always fight against you. 

Squatter for lower point of view, my camera barely near the ground. 

and you can't deny it, it feels like James Bond. 

I'm a fan. This is a premium stuff that will last you a long time, it grows on leather personality overtime, comfy overtime. Good stuff.