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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Himpunan Hijau 2.0

Today, commemorating the biggest "green" rally in Malaysia, approximately 15,000 of people flocking into Kuantan town for the "Himpunan Hijau" a green assembly to Stop Lynas. The whole nation has risen up, intention voiced out loud and clear, but did the government heard us? 

it is either for us to bring down Lynas or bring down this government? or both?

#stoplynas #savemalaysia people.


Sustainable steps,
the Choice is Ours!!!


Monday, February 6, 2012

Light up the Macro: Snoot Diffuser v4.0

Light it up a notch!

i had a Snoot Diffuser v3.0 made on last May 2011, it works like a charm but then, i always wanting to build those in a bigger light source but i just couldn't find the right materials and design. Thanks to Kurt for the design input, it pops new idea. i decided to make a "beauty dish snoot diffuser".

It triples the charm! Lucky you i decided to show you how to make one of those.

Here's what you need:
1. Knife or Scissors ( i just can't find my scissors!)
2. Double-Tape
3. Duct-Tape
4. 1.5L Water Bottle
5. Bowl, or best, Protein Shake bottle
6. Aluminum foils (wrinkle) 

Here we go!

1. Make sure you got these! 

2. Cut the Protein Shake Bottle like these, make use of the screw on top cap for modification, cleaning or maintenance. The break down units are easier to carry too. I call this, Beauty Dish diffuser.

3. Then cut off the 1.5L water bottle, glue/ tape it onto the screw on top cap.This is a snoot!

4. Then i double taped the whole inner water bottle, this will take time, you won't want to cut open the water bottle to attach the tape, it'll only weaken the snoot structure. So, keep it a piece, take your time to attach the double tape inside the bottle.

5. Make sure you wrinkle up the aluminum foils for better light bounce.

6. Then, you double tape the beauty dish diffuser as well, and attach in wrinkled aluminum foils.

7. Lastly, attach the beauty dish front with a diffusing sheet, mine came out of a printer wrapper.

8. Voilà!!! 

Here's some test shots: 

Nursery Web Spider with Derbidae prey.
Notice the prey was carried under the spider, the Snoot Diffuser light up the shadow a notch!

Light on amphibian. 

Light on super reflective Tiger Beetle. 

Catch light on Jumping Spider.

Light on dark objects, the black ants super-societies!


Let there be light!