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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

#OccupyBalokGebeng #StopLynas

Over the weekend, 300 protesters gathered at Balok Beach, Kuantan in solidarity to occupy Balok Gebeng for 24 hours. Hundred of funeral banners and makeshift billboards were speared into Balok Beach as Himpunan Hijau kicks off its' rally.

It's a beginning, startled the force from all across the nation. Not only to occupy Balok but to inject idea, the "people power", like a virus, resilient, highly contagious. Again, the nation has risen, intention voiced out loud and clear, we don't want Lynas.

However, on the same day, pro-lynas DAUN gathered at Teluk Cempedak, one of the tourist hotspot in Kuantan to show their support and confident towards Lynas, which also claimed attended by 10,000 of many. The  way the Government responded toward #StopLynas cries had turned to be childish and ignorant. I was devastated and heart broken, the way my Government treated this matter like a gag, a matter that could burden the fate of our future generation, a matter that could blot out the rich abundance nature.

Here i quoted, "Gebeng Yang Luka" by A. Samad Said.

Kita ghairah merubah sebanyak tanah bertuah
konon demi rezeki alam dan udara kita.
Kita sengaja terlupa tanah cicit yang syahdu,
tuli akan senandung insan dan unggas nan merdu.

Dari denai ke rimba dan sungai ke samudera
terdengar rintih ombak meraung bumi sejarah.
Pernahkah kita bertanya pada Gebeng terluka—
bersyair, berpantun demi kebahagiaannya?

Kita hanya memacakkan gedung dan kilang zahir
merela bumi Gebeng teracun beransur cair.
Kita sedang alpa malah amat bangat terlupa—
harta terkini menutup masa depan yang lara.

Di sisi mewah harta cemar sejarah bermula,
kita sedang memahat hikayat tragedi bangsa.

7 Oktober, 2011                    ––A. SAMAD SAID



The Smallest Seed of an Idea can grow
it can grow to define or to destroy. #StopLynas


Monday, June 11, 2012

Red Velvet Mite (Trombidiidae)

Look at the cuddly red fluffy pillow! Don't you just want to scope in snuggle and wiggle? This little monstrosity is tiny, reaching a maximum size of 2cm, but in other sense, they're huge! 100 times bigger than any other mites!

Red Velvet Mites are members of subphylum Chelicerata, a group of critters that have tiny lobster-like claws that serve as mouthparts, a feature that relates them closely to spiders, scorpions, and harvestmen. Red velvet mites make their home in the litter layer of woodlands and forests. They live from one to couple of years, depends on the species. 

The Red Velvet Mites are extremely important to the environment. These mites are part of a community of soil arthropods that is critical in terms of rates of decomposition in woodlands and in maintaining the structure of ecosystem. By feeding on insects that eat fungi and bacteria, they stimulate the decomposition process. However still, in larvae stage, they attach themselves to a variety of arthropods and feed parasitically. Technically suck blood from a gnat or grasshopper. When red velvet mites become nymphs and then adults, they take to the soil to devour much smaller prey, including other mites and thier eggs, the eggs of insects and snails, and primitive wingless insects.

Red Velvet Mites- Larvae host on a Bark Louse

Due to their parasitism in larval stage, and appetite in their mature stage, they also play an important role in pest control. Such tiny organism plays such a massive part in maintaining healthy ecosystem.

The Tiny Treasure of the Forest Floor