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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Inadequate Transparency Prevalent

Political parties of the governing coalition who hold the true reins of power in this country, and they abuse it to their full benefit.

A shocking lack of awareness among the public on just how much trouble our political parties are causing, and most cursing on the gathering of "Bersih" as causing chaotic in the country. It's solely a coalition demands Clean & Fair election, and don't be surprise to witness havoc during the gathering. If i were those who opposing "Bersih", i'll plant in bad seeds among protesters to create chaos. As simple as that, corruption and inadequate transparency prevalent in Malaysia.

Lack of transparency, lack of Freedom to information, lack of freedom to peace gathering. Are we still talking about democracy?

On recent week, i was with a group of Young Student Bodies to run a survey for Gebeng residents. Most of the residents are family members of factory workers at Heavy Industry Gebeng. Living under the sky of chemical pollution, they were left without a choice. 90% of Gebeng residents against the operation of Lynas, when they were probed whether if they'd consider about moving house, they poked back to me "Where else can i go? We bought the house at Bumiputera rate of RM 25,000. where else can we get RM25k houses?" i silenced.

Housing Bumiputera Rate is to help the low income group, it was suppose to overcome the poverty gap, for them to afford a home to shelter their souls. And many have misuse the benefit, especially with Bumiputera Rate, the rich gets richer when they can afford more houses in downtown, and poor getting poorer when the house they bought in rural area don't appreciate much in value. Bumiputera rates is to help the poor Bumiputera, does it really helping? but how about poor Indian, Chinese or minorities?

Wasn't it time to revamp the plan to "Housing Rates for Low Income group" instead of "Bumiputera"? By the way, obviously indigenous people are the only Bumiputera, and many have lost their home to Bakun Dam.

Due to some inadequate transparency in land issue, my family was about to lost my ancestor home too. My grandfolks' beautiful settlement.

a governing bodies lack of
transparency, integrity, social responsibility
that had caused its citizens suffered in Pain.

so, are you ready to revamp Malaysia?
Counting down in 12 days! BERSIH 2.0!!!


Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Weeping Earth!

"the earth is weeping, forests are falling, Lynas is operating"

My country makes me gut-wrenching. Pathetic. Yes. Malaysia governing authorities have been cutting down trees more than they grow. This is not science fiction, the thicker the CO2 blanket, the warmer the Earth. Scientists, environmentalists had been warning about "the 11th Hour", look! Who cares?

Several years ago, my government approved development on reserved forests like Taman Rimba Kiara and Bukit Gasing. How could anyone even think about demolishing ancient forestation? Greedy imbeciles.  Would you dare demolishing your ancestors' tomb? Both of the reserve parks had been through months of protesting, petition signing to put a halt on the bulldozers.

Look at the approval of Lynas plant (radioactive), Chemical plants, it all blemishing my beautiful home, Kuantan. Imagine how many beautiful forest Lynas had put down for the refinery of a 140 football fields. How many magical flora, fauna lost their habitats? How long are we going to suffer under the governing bodies of lack in social responsibilities?

Before each and every flora, fauna extinct on the hand of my governing bodies, i would love to do a  documentation on my favorite creatures, Spiders.

Spiders are found worldwide on every continent except for Antarctica, they'd established themselves well across every habitat with the exception of air and sea colonization. Yes! They do live among us. Spiders are in fact, NOT insects, they are Arachnid, easily distinguish from insect as insects have six legs and arachnid have eight legs.


the biggest Spider i ever encountered! a size of my palm!

Featuring, my favorite shot of all time

and Bonus: Cutest Arachnid of all time, Harvestman

Dear Readers,
if you're one of those who love looking at flora or fauna, it's time for you to stand up, leave your Facebook or Twitter at home, NO! You won't die without Facebook for half a day! there are many NGOs and Youth Environmental Group out there! They need your help! Go out join the Fight for our environment.


Ps: if you're interested to join the environmental fight and couldn't locate any environment activists out there, just drop me an email @

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

the love of Macro Photography

i thought i should start a post conveying my love for macro photography.

Personally, i first became interested in macro was at forums... looking through hundred of insect shots, it awed me. Not long after, i purchased my macro lens and attended macro workshop!

i love exploring. Especially the nature! i love how insects seem locking their eyes with the lens and follow it as i move, or otherwise, leap off as i approach. it never occured to me that insects actually watch us humans! Seeing a insect at a high magnification reveal such amazing details under full flash or natural light, it got me addicted. i was then, joined a group of macro enthusiastic photographers, exploring reserved forests, parks, orchard... sometimes, around my neighbourhood, mostly scares off my neighbours. the beauty of macro open my eyes to beauty of something we don't pay attention to, something we see but don't actually give a damn.

Macro then, become my passion.

sharing some of my wimpy shots

One of a recent found of a spider that amazed me so much! the Golden comb-footed spider!

Golden comb-footed spider (family: Theridiidae)

Golden comb-footed spider (family: Theridiidae)


P/s: i won't be able to update my blog as often as before, i have my pledge on Stop Lynas! Save Malaysia mission.