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Saturday, March 27, 2010

a Blizzard of Flies

as i run down my usual macro-ing place
some tree in the woods collapsed due the a late night thunder rain...and it ruins my rendezvous
and there wasn't any bugs around even after scrutiny examination...but flies...
flies all over the place...because there's a carcass...couldn't tell what's was all decomposed, absolutely nasty smell!!! phew!

moments i look at it, as though it was a bee...zebra bee..then i check on my screen, hell no. it's a fly! holy moly...then, i wanted to take a second was gone...and never came back, could it be an illusion...Zebra Fly? the a beauty-queen?

 golden-d-fly!!! love the goggles. nice.

Kamen Rider!!!
shot of the day...

100% Cropped. high five to fly's eye...

A Tri-Horned Planthopper

Friday, March 26, 2010

Lomo Smena 8m

this is my classic Lomo Smena 8m.
manufactured in 1980, Made in USSR.
history about Lomo Company, wiki it.
rather than current lomo camera on the market, this is the genuine shit.
unlike modern lomo camera, it's not made of plastic, it's solid aluminum! sturdy and bulky! like it!

an excited thing about it, which you'll never know what you captured until you develop it.

Halo. Lomographer.

next one? saving for a Rolleiflex *sniff*

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Can't Stop Macro-ing

macro photography for Nature Lovers!  

the best things of Macro photography is the similarity to another interest of mine, street photography, which both objects were captured in their natural behavior/ environment. only difference is, bug won't scold you or give you the Put-That-Thing-Away-From-My-Face look!

eye-contact with Praying mantis! see its' retina? awesome!
which i believe. this could be roaches
it's just veiling with nice looking transparent armors...
katydids (Tettigoniidae). distinguishs itself from Grasshopper with the longer length of filamentous antennae. it feeds on leaves, flowers, barks, leaves although most species are exclusively predatory! spread across North America and Tropical region.
my favorite of the day! a planthopper. albino!!! i mean white planthopper! and it has a little trunk, like a little elephant...lovely bug! and it's so tiny!
Grasshopper. a common species in Tropical region...hope to get some colourful one soon...a yellow banded black grasshopper please...looks like somebody isn't it? YES! Kamen Rider (Masked Rider)!
Candid of the day!!! hop hop away.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tethered Balloon in Malaysia

Tethered Balloon Revisit! and this time, i have exclusive media pass to the event!
but I-DUNNO-WHY i didn't take the pass...hehe...
the 2nd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta! and this time around, the crowds flock in Putrajaya like never before. crowds are 5 times more, photographers are 10 times more than last year! reckon. a real successful fiesta this year. 
i'm trying to peek into the tethered balloon. it's really full of hot air! and someone opposite the hole of no return greets me =)
the Levi's team is settling up the jeans...Classic 501 unbuttoned.
France. the back of a Pon de lion.
The Jeans is up and Floating

fat and juicy...luminescence too...
France's Balloon. look as if Pon de Lion Donut =)
Very unoriginal, uncreative, ugly tethered balloon from Poland

happy-go-lucky MasterCard from Belgium. feel glee looking at it. GLEE~

MoNaCo. the remote control tethered balloon...

it goes wherever it wanted to my frame then out of my frame...
We're going UP boy. 
Dark Vader unveiled!

Delicious Belgians' Citrus 
Public and Photographers Flocking the Event
The Mr. Monaco Remote Controller
my favorite tethered Balloon!!! the Flying Dutchman! 
peek thru somebody's jeans...
a good deal of Balloon. look at the flying Dutch! simply just awesome!
Beneath Poland's...
there's two young lads, Buckled up enduring the adventure ahead. UP! 
Participated countries on that day were a little foiled. Japan, Germany and New Zealand'd been missing the show. that's badness. 
Mr. Sunny.
Cute Pon De Lion. too bad Jumbo Dumbo from last year been missing the show, it didn't turn up this year. else, it'll be fun zoo here =)
Switzerland Vs Japan. suppose to have two Japan tethered balloon, and only one shows up. 
first Year joining USA. but that doesn't look like a USA flag...looks like Great Britain to me!
Para-Motoring! Bear Grylls favorite sport. people used to mistaken it as para gliding, even News reporter from the XXXX calls it para-gliding. heck! it's Para-Motoring. you're moron! 
too bad, the Tethered Balloons didn't go all way up in the air that morning... 
young girl, don't stand so close to Dark Vader!!!
Pretty Neat huh. 
Malaysia's Tethered Balloons for public riding...Design. Color. Style. not bad! 
Ms. Nana 
that's all from the 2nd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon fiesta! next year. hope to see New Zealand's Mr. Eggs. it looks cool from the official website. 

people is flocking the event, have to sort out another plan next year... to avoid the stuffiness. 

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