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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Hour of My Life in Natural History

i speak of natural history instead of biology, for i, was not particularly brimming with any facts of knowing. Almost as soon as i began to explore, to read at all, i began to amaze by the formidable life in the undergrowth. i was a very near sighted little boy, and didn't even know know that my eyes weren't normal until i was 12, i had to hug my tele to get a clearer view. i watched Masked Rider everyday after school, i should have known, i was very much attracted by the human mimicry-grasshopper.
that's one hell of a mesmerizing insect Collection!

Catching up Jeff Corwin, Nick Baker, Sir David Attenborough on the tele was a my daily routine during the time when i was jobless. exploring the forest in long sleeves and long pants, documenting the life undergrowth! thus was dream. i'm glad i'm fulfilling a small portion of my dream for a naturalist, "collecting" specimens in photographing them. thanks to Masked Rider!

if we and the rest of the backbone animals were to disappear overnight, the rest of the world would get on pretty well. but if they were to disappear, the land's ecosystems would collapse. the soil would lose its fertility. many of the plants would no longer be pollinated. lots of animals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals would have nothing to eat. and our fields and pastures would be covered with dung and carrion. these small creatures are within a few inches of our feet, wherever we go on land- but often, they're disregarded. we would do very well to remember them. -Sir David Attenborough-

for every naturalists' lifelong contribution, i salute the naturalists for i had my enjoyment in my life.


For most i embrace the abundance life of tropical country for co-existing with such amazing creatures.
many might formulate the mind that insects/bugs are puny little being that most disregarded, in fact, they're much more intelligent than you think.

and this dedicated mother devoted her life in guarding her youngs, female jumping spider (Salticidae) with half-hatched eggs.

a jumping spider (Salticidae) foraging for prey. 

Common Garden Spider (Parawixia Dehaani), when it feels threaten, it retracts its legs close to the body like this, or drop to the ground and play dead.

Green Huntsman Spider (Micrommate Virescens) doesn't build a web and hunts insects in green vegetation, where it is well camouflaged. 

but none of which spiders' camouflaged  beat this female Jumping Spider (Phaeacius sp.)

beside camouflage, an odd ball below hunt in an amazing technique, it catches prey with a sticky silk globe, more it can change the smell of the silk globe to attract different preys. video link

the Bolas Spider (Cladomelea Debeeri) an unusual orb weaver that does not spin the typical web.

the ant mimic-spider (Myrmarachne Sp.)

and recently, i'd documented a praying mantis, such fascinating camouflage!

these beautiful life undergrowth are such brilliant creatures adapt to survive creatively, please stop destroying their habitats, their home.
embrace the meaning of life. 
pledge your support in protecting the natural environment.  


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

[Deinopidae] Ogre-Faced Spider, Net-Casting Spider

and Sir David Attenborough called it the Gladiator Spider. Not venomous nor particularly large but its face would probably scare your pants off, i know, as it spooks me off at the first encounter. It wasn't quite exactly how i would have imagine it seeing over documentary, it's much more mesmerize!

Kurt was screaming, "ogre-faced? is it the ogre-faced? is it the ogre-faced? is it? did you see it's two big eyes? is it ogre-faced???" "YES! YES! YES! IT'S OGRE FACED! I SAW ITS TWO BIG BIG EYES! YES YES YES!" i screamed! Not sure if you know that i'm a big fans of spiders, i was overwhelmed with excitement seeing that! Live in front of my bare eyes! Not to mention, it climbed on my hand!

It has a large brown hump-like back with the ghost rider face at front. From far, it tends to look like sticks and thus making it so hard to find. Its large eyes are very sensitive to light, every night, an area of membrane that is light sensitive created and destroyed at dawn.

These spiders are unique in the world of arachnid for its special preying method. They made very special web that it spins a casting net that it holds with its 4 front legs and throws at its prey to trap. Each morning it'll consume the casting net if it didn't use.

the disappearing of numerous animal special, particularly insects has been increasing in rate over the years. An efficient system for the protection fauna is required by opting the ancient method, which to protect their habitat, and reserve the greens in this country!

Please help to do your part for the environment in protecting the greens.

Save, restore, protect the environment!!!
no matter what the economic stands
no matter what the Government stands


P/s: here's a link to the video of how the Ogre-Faced Spider catch its prey.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stand up and Speak up- Light Along the Journey

it's never too late! "you can't give up hope just because it's hopeless. you gotta hope even more, and cover your ears and go bla bla bla." -Phillip J. Fry has a point. i plumed the crash of- hope and despair with my eyes and puny brain. how the government and some of the main stream media had distorted the truth. truth about bersih, truth about lynas, truth about that diamond ring... ...why it's so hard to demand for Clean and Fair election? why it's so hard to demand for clean environment? "kerana nikmat amat lama berkuasa, kuasa pun seolah menjadi hartanya." - Pak Samad- 

As far as i can remember, i was long gone assigned to escort YB Tian Chua towards Teluk Chempedak. it was the first peace rally i'd ever attended, which also marked the first peace rally ever held in the beautiful little town of Kuantan. there's plenty to cheer! quietly! sitting side by side with the person i'd glorify so much about! it felt like the movie "Bodyguards and Assassins", only that, i didn't die.

the NGOs were complaining about political parties hijacked their peace rally, political parties this and that. but what'd the political parties done? picking up the hailer, "Briefing about the situation, chanting for supports, 'Selamatkan Kuantan'." but aren't these parties fighting for a common goal? to stop Lynas. why the necessity of parting what you and me? Children were brave enough to speak up for themselves, but where were my young energetic friends hiding? we need every source of energy to fight for our freedom to clean air.

i'm often frustrated that most of my friends who are always, too terrified to stand up for themselves! what'd happened to the country, society are never up to their sleeves to concern. i'm rather embarrassed that my friends are just gossiping about the issue while mostly were just talking through one's hat. life wasn't always about pussy and money. 

despite experts (chemicals, corrosion science, environmental, radiation) had repeatedly emphasized on how harmful the Lynas Advanced Material Plant to the environment, human, animals. yet, the Pahang Government restlessly sending lobbyists to pursue us, apply ourselves adjusting to the plant. what matters of conscience? just because it's my home, it doesn't mean i have to accept and compliance with the current state. this isn't an issue of Kuantan people but to all the Malaysian citizen out there.

long ignoring the lesson of Papan, Bukit Merah in the 90's, "those who can't remember the past are condemned to repeat it"? so, what is all this then? repeating the same script? many years till date, Mitsubishi is still unable to cleanup the radiation aftermath of Papan dump-site. 8 leukemia cases within 5 years in a community of 11,000. 7 of the leukemia victims have since died. yet, the government is gambling onto another rare earth processing plant.

i have my rights to live in a hazard free environment, i have my rights to protect my home, i have my rights to free air, i have my rights. i told myself, brimming with faith to "Stop Lynas Solidarity Walk", believing that my government would have heard our cries.

STOP LYNAS! i cried; we cried.
Did the Government also went cover their ears and go bla bla bla?

why should we care about social issue? as it's directly or indirectly affected us without you knowing it and it starts from education. during my years in public high school, some teachers had their teaching method in a wrongful way, intimidating students with punishments. but why haven't we stood up for ourselves? telling the educators, 'this is wrong'? because we were often too timid of punishment? does it means we should keep quiet when teachers were wrong? does it means we have to plant our head in the ground when ISA or EO detained your close ones? BUT why weren't you support PSM to free EO6 then?

i was once accused of intentional pushing a student onto the smashing window, and the discipline teacher had me signing a confession sheet of the wrong doing. i stood up and told him, it wasn't intentional, if i signed i die; if i don't sign i doomed with dignity. i walked out regardless the consequences. i was then lug on the bad student 'fame', and eventually lost my vice president post in school club. nonetheless, stood up for yourself often separated with a thin line with rebellious, it would easily misfired. conscience will keep you uplifted.

along the 5 months battle, we have talks, forums, peace rallies, activities, events... started in Kuantan right to the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Up until recently, we had finally held the first ever, environmental talk about Lynas in University level, 27th July at MMU, Cyberjaya. as vital as it is to expose undergraduates to social issues, embrace lively as the oxygen we breathe. don't be afraid my friend, my conscience tells me to stand up for myself.

Stand up and Speak up, my friends
Don't let the authorities curb your enthusiasm 


P/s: with my mastermind fled east to save Kuantan, my another comrade broke loose up North, i was left drifting without oar. i need some volunteers to run some errands to arrange talks in Uni, College or public. it'll be one of the worst job in the world without pay, but you'll live like a legend for saving Malaysia.

greet me an email_

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bkt Tinggi, PH

Kg. Bkt Tinggi, PH
August 2011.

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