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Monday, May 31, 2010

a Silver Coins Story

my dad likes to collect coins. he collected most of Malaysia's coins, from old to new. how cool! until recently, he scrutinized the storeroom and found a pile of junks he bought 20 years ago from a random Indonesian. it was remain wrapped in 1990's newspaper. here's some of his favorite, 1971 MYR 1.00
Tunku Abdul Rahman's written record
i believe most of us used to have this, the bi-rings MYR 0.50. i heart this a lot.
and here's partial of the silver coins we unwrapped recently but most are rather counterfeit silver coins, hardly can tell which one is authentic.

Qing's Dynasty
USA, two different kind of design? intriguing.

Yun Nan, China
One Dollar dragon?

and here's my share of contribution, 100% authentic but useless.
1997's Capcom coin!!!

well, coins collecting is not easy, especially in identifying the genuine piece.
here's a decent Silver Coins Website for you.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Weekend Getaway- HOME

it'd been 3 months! i never got home
boy i'm going to stay up whole night watching TV at home =)

today's featured.
homeless people in Singapore. Duh!!! hobo.  

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Getaway- Malacca

made a short trip to Malacca on the weekend with CS, a friend i'd known for 10 years! also a Liverpool companion, football mate.
met up with Mr. Yang for lunch. we had pork rib noodles =)
after lunch, we made a spin to MBO hopefully to catch a movie, unlucky there wasn't any movie well worth watching... people makes so many rubbish movie nowadays. we try our luck at Nadeje, the over-rated Japs, French bakery... i mean. look at the queue! good lord!
yea. Mr. Yang wears specs nowadays... look so aunty with the handbag...
so many people yet so little cakes...
cs is so excited!!! trying his first Nadeje...
Mr. Yang & Ms. Lin... she keeps telling us Mr. Yang beats her. why lar Yang? so violent.
Finally! it's our turn after a long hour waits... Original Milicrepe! this turns out to be the best of the day! i love it. cs hearts it. yang eat it. lin claimed it stinks!
this was like Today's Special Milicrepe. precisely no good... =(
the worst of all, is this Chiffon, recommended by the storekeeper... ='(
but the environment is good. and we got the couch seats! i call it the VIP leather seats.
then we spend the evening hideout at Mr. Yang's cribs. and Fried Oyster for Dinner!
wasn't as good during my study times many many years was rather oily, salty. but the portion is still darn huge, not even Yang could finish it!

yes! i went all the way to Malacca for this! UEFA Champion League Final!
all hail, Milito!
took a nap after the game, got up at 10am, had a breakfast and back to KL. what a weekend =)

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Quote of the Year, credited to Ms. Jadez.
"Having a DSLR doesn't make you a photographer, you're just the man with a camera."

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Carcass of the Lizard

a friend of mine, is a collector. He collects all sort of stuff, from recyclable paper to big junk like his VW beetle. recently, he shows me one of his finest collectibles, a rare Lizard Fossil! he kept it under his pillow all this while...

unveil!!! the 6 months old lizard with minuscule carcass.
as you can see. my friend preserved it brilliantly. how on earth he did it? freaking genius!
also, it came along with ancient fossilized cockroach.
who knows what else he kept beneath his pillow, escort him into sleep...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Asian Festival of Speed (A.F.O.S)

AFOS sparks on 14th May until 16th May, managed by Asian Touring Car Series. Drivers are professionals of varying backgrounds and mostly are highly experienced racers from around the globe. Skillful drivers and muscle machinery makes Touring Car second only to F1 in mass appeal. click on title for further details of ATCS.

rather than usual, i was in AFOS for a classical race instead of GT3 which latter is the  most popular race amongst.
not sure what car is this. driver from US, Michael Ricks. pretty cool classic car.
Mr. Bean signed up for the race too! and it cruises fast in SIC.
wasn't to my liking, cause i strongly believe this merely an old honda civic hatchback but classical. damn...
Mini dashes alongside Porsche 911 you can see, Austin Mini has no match for the barging 911.
again! not a classic car. just yet another old honda civic hatchback. not sure how ATCS determines the criteria of "Classic Car".
Porsche 911. there are plenty of Classic porsche in the race. not a big fan of Porsche but it is mighty fast for a Classic car
classic Jaguar in awesome racing stripes!
Austin Mini notching laps after laps without engine heat problem.
my favorite classical car of all, Alfa Romeo! it's the slowest car stooging across SIC but try enjoy its' awesomeness!
and wasn't sure what car is this, but the color does represent Lotus.
Rubbish. car. *opps*
2 Porsches racing each other to death...
excuse me!! Proton Saga??? but please. trust me, it's BMW.
another unknown classical car...
wrong tyre choice for the white Porsche, every turns even slower than the previous...
the pink panther, Porsche 911 classic. the fastest car on track, triumphed the classic car race!
and the old car lost to the classic, after 6 laps, the Honda Civic hatchback had enough of SIC, crushed out of the track and driver hits his early shower.
the end of line. Chequered.
Hello peeps! Risk deafening their ears with the those engine rolls.
chequered flag. that sums up the round 1, 10 laps classic car race.
my dad has one of these! Toyota Corolla. but since when my dad's car is a classic car?
and i heart this Mini Cooper! look at those shining chrome and paints! it's a killer!
above the podium.
immediately after classic car race, GT3 gets their marks, and these peeps putting numbers on the starting grid.
yes. there are show girls too. so pretty. but i chopped off their heads. *opps* 
with GT3's speed, you do need a disc-brake this BIG!
MYR 330 per day! interested?
the SIC heat caused first degree burn to the drivers especially within those tight suits...
too bad. beside a bunch of photographers, there's only 2 supportive audiences. how sad.
amongst the GT3. i heart this the most. Ginetta!
Defying Gravity! the British car is just gorgeous!
amongst 3 Ginetta, i love this color the most, although it came last eventually. why everything i heart don't need for speed?

admission to the event is absolutely FREE. so if you have nothing else to do and missed the F1 show, watch the Touring Cars! but next year then. so sorry...

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wish-list. NIKKOR 300mm F4 will do =D