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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Recent Macro Work

sharing some of my recent macro shoot. had been a little rusty thou. sigh. still couldn't get my Bee in Flight right! help...

weaver ants 'worshipping' the beetle larvae. Weaver ants create the most complex nest of all ants, they pick up living leaves as their nest to camouflaged themselves from predators and elements. if the nest if disturbed, thousand of ants will make noisy warning by tapping on the leaves. Weaver ants are sometimes used by farmers as biocontrol agents against agricultural pests, particularly in Southeast Asia. Cool! but one bite. is absolutely pain in the arse! 
Non biting midge also known as blind mosquitoes, as they don't bite. they are mosquitoes-like only they're humpbacked with feathery antenna. 
Grouse Locust. Belongs to the family of Tetrigidae- Pygmy Grasshopper. These locust are about less than 20mm long. equipped with tough armored exoskeleton all over body parts, offering little chance for predator attack! awesome! 
my first ever Mayfly! why so excited? jeez. haven't you'd heard the myth of one day fly? a fly only lived for few minutes to few days depending on the species providing the air isn't overly dry. Structurally! they are very interesting creatures. Distinguishably short antenna, extremely large front wings compare with the very small hind wings and slender filaments at the end of abdomen. 
Fly 1 " jeez fly 2 are you 18 yet? wanna get higghhh~?" 
Fly 2 "hell no fly 1, i'm 20!" 
Fly 1 "ohh rigght! giggity giggity goo!" 
still haven't identify this beauty. should be a moth i reckon. 
Lynx Spider. a long legged hunting spiders are capable of running fast and make surprise jump on the prey! Lynx doesn't make web but actively hunting their prey but their eye sight are pretty bad as they can only see up to 10cm. 
the crane fly. in UK, Ireland, South African they are commonly known as daddy long legged. the funny things is, their daddy's long legs are easily broke off so perfect specimens are difficult to maintain. 
lastly. a spider carcass. 

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Inspired +1

yes! my inspiration had +1 experience! not just because i attended the Inspire+ Seminar. it's because of Louis Pang! unselfishly sharing his insights! he's passionate, creative, tireless! it's the second times i met him since February with Joe McNally. i'd mentioned Louis, the 7 times WPPI winner in February! make it 8 times WPPI winner for now!

the Seminar kicks in after lunch at Prince Hotel.
Louis had been talking talking and talking. almost non-stop! he wanted to share so many of things! it was unstoppable! he's absolutely passionate about photography!
a 6 hours Seminar flew by like the speed of Ip Man's punches. it was like what? 10.3 punches a second? beside sharing his skills, posing, lights. Louis also invited the Founder of Wedding Guide AsiaStephanie Chai as special guest, demonstrating how we deal with difficult and beautiful clients =)
Louis sharing some travel tips for LA +)
and i made my promise! i'll make it to the WPPI 2011!!!
i'm a lucky son of the Gun! the fraction of second Louis announced the lucky draw winner for WPPI 2011 invitation, i was screaming my name out loud in my heart! fraction of second then, Louis pronounced my name! i was thrilled! Shivering with cold hands, trying to conceal it in front of Louis with a big grin. Law of Attraction? it's a Secret.

WPPI 2011!!! here i come!!! a big big thank you to Louis Pang! thanks!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Australia - an Ozadventure

Finally! i'd done my good deed travel looking for good old friends!
to make blogging more meaningful! i'm going to share some of my travel tips. not yours but moi!
if you can stand the brutal coldness of winter! you'll love the winter Oz! it's amazing! but seriously! toboggan at least once in your life time. it makes scars for memories, i mean it the good way. you can finally tell your kids "how daddy got the scars." *grin*

if you're a man with the camera, big camera! and plan to take your tripod along on board. my advise? don't ever think about it! check in your tripod. you have no idea how strict the Ozzies are. NASTY. my trip for 2 ways for Melbourne costed about RM1,600 and another Tiger airway bound for Tasmania in about RM200. i brought 550AUD and left me 10 bucks! exchange rates at 1AUD= RM2.84 i spent it all! hell yea!


it took 7 hours and 50 minutes getting to Melbourne. how i spent those hours? i'm a great traveler. i shut my eyes, the next thing i know, i'm already at Melbourne. ayes. the pilot woke me up. whoa! the winter sky is awesome!
great city too!
the moment i arrived at Tullamarine. ben is already there! pondering my arrival! that brief second, we break in tears and hug each other as if there's no tomorrow. it was so ghey and touching! i miss you bini ben.

we took the express bus to the town, 2 ways for 26 bucks (AUD).
it's already afternoon when i got to Melb town, we look for foods! noi! too expensive!
i stare over the Melb town in an overwhelm feeling of admiration! absolutely beautiful!
ends up. we had Subway instead. there's so many many flavor that M'sia doesn't has! love it! meanwhile, we're trying to encrypt the Maps too! yea. just sort you know, ben grew a beard on his head now, it's freezing cold, he had too.
just when i was so solemn and lethargy carrying my 9.4kgs traveling bag! i found my play! NIKON! and opposite of it! it's a hotel! Leo Pacific! yes. we noob, we're suppose to look for the backpacker hotel but we found none, so all set! Leo Pacific Hotel studio apartment! 109 bucks a night, twin sharing. expensive? but it's so nice! and look at the environment! =)
after settling down, we bathe, no. not together. then heads toward Federation Square for the TIM BURTON exhibition! of course, we trying to enjoy sight seeing around Melb. (i mean we're lost)
and if you still don't know who is Tim Burton! you do know you're in trouble right? yes! you screw up your life big time! it's already sunset when we got out of the inspiring exhibition. we had a walk down the river side. no, no, nothing romantic, just holding hands, like a boss.
Ohh yea! it's dinner time! so we assumed Chinatown must has all the great foods! we tried the Shanghai Restaurant. not nice! aiks!
that's me. nothing much, just trying to act cool in my first cold winter night. and also, bringing ben to "learn" Wing Chun, eyes to eyes combat with the self-acclaimed "direct disciple of the master IP Man". so ben meet the master but he screwed up. hah! why lar? so scare?
it'd been a wonderful first day! we got back the the studio apartment, had some cookies, tea, and TV!

DAY 2- Melb- Tassie
we woke up early in the winter morning, have a wonderful breakfast, and set sail to Tassie!!! an aroused pleasurable anticipation all within me! Tassie Tassie! and ck.
Touch down at Tassie, Ck already there! wearing a so-very-the cool jacket, awesome jean but a women flip-flop. wth?

settle our burden at his cottage house, we had Japs lunch! with his gf. and his housemate fat boy joe.
then ck bring us to the ZOO! hehe...
this sheep! scare the hell of me! it turn its' head 120° backward and it goes. "meh?" freak out!
after zoo, it's already nightfall, yes! hungry! hungry! craving for steak!
that's the Lauceston Harbour. the chill wind nearly blew my bones off my skin! *shivering*
this is ck's cottage house, so warm and nice =)

DAY 3- Ben Lomond Tasmania
the next day! ck brings us Snow Boarding! it tooks several hours for us to get to Ben Lomond, it's in fact a snow mountain where you can snow boarding, skiing, ice-creaming, and Tobogganing! thanks Ck, it's the first time in my life seeing ice, playing ice, eating ice, and being insulted by ice. i love you ck...
these 2 wallabies are so bad, they like lifting people car, make the car alarm goes wild. bad wallaby!
we spent the whole wonderful day at Ben Lomond! it is impressive! it was sunset all the way back to Launceston, wonderful!
and dinner! Sushi buffet! stuff till i J*** in my pants!

DAY 4 already??? - Freycinet Wineglass Bay, Hobart!
again. i'd been waking up 8am in the morning, that was like 6am in Malaysia...that's nut! and it was as though i was living in the future! cool! this day! ck bring us to the Wineglass Bay! a little hiking for the big Wineglass Bay! if you're a nature-lovers! you sure love Tasmania! all the way towards Wineglass Bay, it's tonne and tonne of amazing views!
rainbow in the cloud!
look at them! so loving, sharing the same ice cream. ohh yeah, go on without me!
nothing beats a morning hike accompany with a great selection of milk ice-cream from Hungry Jack!
reigning Wineglass bay, we drive towards Hobart town, for a night stay. on the way, we stop and stare. Scream our hearts out at the merciful sea that might killed somebody's daddy. due to too many stops because of that man of camera! almost! nearly! 3 of us is gonna be hobo in the Hobart! after dinner and town loitering it's already 10pm and most of the backpacker hotel already close for reception! hooray! i can finally sleep on the street!
and eventually, after some while the Strangers' Hotel found us. and it's only 85 bucks for 3 of us! and i love the room! we can put our beds together, having some grain wave chips! and watching Boogeyman!

DAY 5! (ohh no)- Bruny Island- Launceston
the next day. we were suppose to take the cruise along Bruny Island but heck, we ought to wake at 4am. blart! screw that! we don't care if that's a "World top 100 must do things". we're gonna explore Bruny the Island ourselves!

Brekkie at the Hotel Stranger
we took the ferry ships the car to Bruny Island!
at the Neck of Bruny Island! where the 2 seas will never see each other again!
and my NicoBella battery fail at this point of time! it's almost runs flat! and moi no spare! ohh moi!
but still manages to take down our lunch! seafood platter with very the delicous atlantic salmon, mouth-watering ocean trout but a too salty rainbow trout, also, a little quail. great lunch!
then we stopped at the Hobart town. shopping! dine in some random restaurant at some random small town. it'd been a hell of a long journey back to Launceston.
CK. if you're reading this. you do realize. me & ben got you back aite! =)

DAY 6- Launceston- Melbourne
it's goodbye then. to ck. me & ben's last day at Tassie. it's rained that day, the creator was sobbing upon our departures. thank you so much for everything ck. it's been a hell of photographing journey for me. it means a lot!
the Tasmanian trying to conceal the truth of Tasmanian Tigers' extinction. it portrays they bite off each other tails and extinct. really! too bad. no sighting of Tasmanian Tiger anymore. my dad used to tell me so much about Tasmanian Tiger when i was a kid, he's a lover of the beast too!
the friendly dog at the park came and say hi to us =)
 and that's Tasmania. ben and i board on the plane back to Melbourne. without ck. ck no more. =(
anyway! here's some good thing to share amongst.
and we finally found the backpacker hotel. just 25 bucks each person! cheap dou! before dinner, we take a walk around Melbourne city!
she lives on the street. a true hobo spirit! and friendly too. she wishes me for a great day ahead!
try renting a bike if you're tired of walking or rushing on time. also, it's free for 15min, good enough for you to get from this tram station to another station. so thoughtful!
then we had our dinner at the Mekong Restaurant, highly recommended by ck. and yea! it's freaking delicious! no wonder Jackie Chan and Summo Hong came so many times!!!
after dinner. we throw our Map and wandering around! it's so fun! and it's freezing! *sniff*
and we end up at University of Melbourne. =D
then we head back our little backpacker hotel for a nap. cause we're preparing ourselves for the WORLD CUP FINAL!!!

and that's my Ozadventure. ck and ben, thanks for the patient especially when i was taking picas. and brought me to so many places, trying so many new things! i love you guys! cheers!

feel free to see the *web album slideshow*