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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Walking in the rain!

Rain makes everything better! Fallacy of generalization but that at least for me, i had a secret crush on rain since i was young, i love walking in the rain! Playing football in the rain! Sipping coffee in the rain! Okay, you get the point. I know most people don't usually celebrate rain, especially photographers. You can bitch or moan about it, but why haven't you embrace the rain? Shoot in the rain! It full of surprises!

Photographing in the rain is not easy, and here's some tips that probably won't help you but me: 
1. Get a weather-seal-magnesium-alloy-made camera and shut up!
2. Keep your hood up and walk on.
3. Let your lens and camera get wet, it's okay, wipe it instantly and let those dry-cabinets do their job.
4. Enjoy the gloomy-dreary light.
5. Think in monochrome!
6. Stop chimping and keep your eyes open on interesting subjects.


How splendid we have something in such plentiful supply falling from the sky? Mizzle, drizzle, cats and dogs! Trust me! There's no reason to stop walking just because monsoon has arrived. Walking in the rain! Bold and survive!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lord's finger touched her, and she slept

For the soul of every living is in the hand of God. The dog, our dog whom we still not know of her origin name, had past away yesterday midnight at the Pet Emergency, who suffered from kidney failure.

The Terrier was found abandoned in front of my house on the night of April 4th, 2012, suffered from several injuries on the head and hind ears. Appears abandoned, and she was on a collar with no tag, i guess she'll find her way home. 3 nights later, she shows up again in our house compound, with severe injury on fore leg, she has to leap her way through. We decided to bring her to Pet Emergency, and keep her for time being until somebody come and look for her or, someday when she got stronger, and make her way home.

April 5th, Hiding under my car.

After treatment.

Eventually we'd kept her for almost half a year, until the night of October 8th, 2012, the Lord touched her, and she slept forever in peace, kidney failure took her away. and we didn't get to see her before her passing. She was found dead on the next morning, the Pet Emergency already got her wrapped in box.

Drips at the Pet Emergency, kidney failure.

Wrapped in box.

Here's where she lies, deposited the remains of one, who possessed the strength without insolence. RIP

She'd been a tremendous guard dog for the past 6 months, chased off a snake wandering at our car porch, barked off strangers who keep putting loan shark cards in our mailbox, and scared off our security guards what not.