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Saturday, March 27, 2010

a Blizzard of Flies

as i run down my usual macro-ing place
some tree in the woods collapsed due the a late night thunder rain...and it ruins my rendezvous
and there wasn't any bugs around even after scrutiny examination...but flies...
flies all over the place...because there's a carcass...couldn't tell what's was all decomposed, absolutely nasty smell!!! phew!

moments i look at it, as though it was a bee...zebra bee..then i check on my screen, hell no. it's a fly! holy moly...then, i wanted to take a second was gone...and never came back, could it be an illusion...Zebra Fly? the a beauty-queen?

 golden-d-fly!!! love the goggles. nice.

Kamen Rider!!!
shot of the day...

100% Cropped. high five to fly's eye...

A Tri-Horned Planthopper


wanna said...

i passedby jer.with love.

jennwei said...

hehe...thanks love =)