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Saturday, April 10, 2010

KL Nightglow

KL night view from Ampang Lookout Point, a clear sky after rain...
temperature at Ampang Point chilling at 20°C with the misty haze after rain, absolutely enjoyable!
for those who hasn't got the chance to drop by Ampang Lookout Point just yet, go ahead!
what's stopping you?
it's like a Bucket List, some thing you have to do at least once in your life! especially Malaysian!
enjoying the chilling weather, with cup of hot drink and KL Night-glow for your backdrop. with your love one, or friends for chatter.

here, a night-glow with warmer white balance. and those Street lights were blinking as if stars winking at you...welcoming you for completing a task in Bucket List!

and this shot failed after waited for 5 minutes, some f*ck*ng Ch*nese came around and knock on my tripod! and didn't even apologize! f*ck you stup*d Ch*nese. come on man, if you're reading this, don't ever be that assh*le okay? it's rude.

and i went with Ms. T... hehe...and the random couple in the car. i don't know them. but they insisted to be within the frame with us...

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wanna said...

nicey! but the next time we go you have to talk to me =)you ain't dating your nikon!

jennwei said...

=) i din talk to my nikon argh...

Wee Han said...

hey! just a passer-by! the view at the look out point is gorgeous! :D and your photography skills are good! :D

jennwei said...

hi weehan, thanks for the kind words! appreciate it =) ampang lookout point is awesome alright =)


Wee Han said...

Yeap! IT is!

Well, photography is one of my "hobbies", but i can see that you are more into it than me. :D

I prefer to be in the picture rather than behind the camera actually. HAHA.

But if I do take photos, I like to try different things with it. :D