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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Recent Macro Work

sharing some of my recent macro shoot. had been a little rusty thou. sigh. still couldn't get my Bee in Flight right! help...

weaver ants 'worshipping' the beetle larvae. Weaver ants create the most complex nest of all ants, they pick up living leaves as their nest to camouflaged themselves from predators and elements. if the nest if disturbed, thousand of ants will make noisy warning by tapping on the leaves. Weaver ants are sometimes used by farmers as biocontrol agents against agricultural pests, particularly in Southeast Asia. Cool! but one bite. is absolutely pain in the arse! 
Non biting midge also known as blind mosquitoes, as they don't bite. they are mosquitoes-like only they're humpbacked with feathery antenna. 
Grouse Locust. Belongs to the family of Tetrigidae- Pygmy Grasshopper. These locust are about less than 20mm long. equipped with tough armored exoskeleton all over body parts, offering little chance for predator attack! awesome! 
my first ever Mayfly! why so excited? jeez. haven't you'd heard the myth of one day fly? a fly only lived for few minutes to few days depending on the species providing the air isn't overly dry. Structurally! they are very interesting creatures. Distinguishably short antenna, extremely large front wings compare with the very small hind wings and slender filaments at the end of abdomen. 
Fly 1 " jeez fly 2 are you 18 yet? wanna get higghhh~?" 
Fly 2 "hell no fly 1, i'm 20!" 
Fly 1 "ohh rigght! giggity giggity goo!" 
still haven't identify this beauty. should be a moth i reckon. 
Lynx Spider. a long legged hunting spiders are capable of running fast and make surprise jump on the prey! Lynx doesn't make web but actively hunting their prey but their eye sight are pretty bad as they can only see up to 10cm. 
the crane fly. in UK, Ireland, South African they are commonly known as daddy long legged. the funny things is, their daddy's long legs are easily broke off so perfect specimens are difficult to maintain. 
lastly. a spider carcass. 

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