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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Light upon the Rangefinder!!!

Yashica Electro 35 GSN was produced during 1973-1977, with a built-in lens 45mm f1.7!!! Yashica Electro GSN was a revolutionary for its time, being the first camera with fully electronic automatic exposure! Despite, rangefinder market was well shaken up by Voigtlander, Leica and Contax, Yashica wasn't any far behind for sharpness and bokehness!

Rangefinder way of seeing and experiencing picture taking is substantially different from SLR. You might or might not like it, and i LOVE it!

Check out the god-like f1.7 COLOR Yashinon lens!!! it's a wonder.

Tele-Wide Rangefinder on the hot shoe! Darn cute isn't it?

Top View


it comes with 2 Lovely original TELE and WIDE lens!!!

classic Original leather pouch!!! i like!

Despite the age, the condition of this babe is awesome! 9.5/10!!! thanks to the damn good care from its previous owner!

!my future is analogue!


C.Y. said...

i almost bought a Yashica too!
but only the camera itself. Your gears are awesome. Anyway remember i ask u where's the shutter speed located? I couldn't find it when i was playing around with Electro 35, and also GM-1 etc. Now i think i understand why after readin your blog,u said "this is the first fully electronic automatic exposure", so i was thinking, without battery, can the fully electronic automatic exposure aka shutter speed goes right? Show me your pics yeah~
Thankfully the batteries are still available.

jennwei said...

there's many types of Yashica Electro 35. without battery shutter speed will stay 1/500". battery is not available anymore, i got modified battery adapter online.