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Sunday, January 30, 2011

CNY my Foe!

CNY had turned to a foe ever since 2008, it casted upon like a never-ending spell. 3 years in a row, i had fever on Chinese New Year days and disillusion rises for the festival. And now on my 4th year, so far so good but i'm no longer a big fans of cny. Hate especially cny's songs, it sucks. Although I feel 100%, may be i should get more sleep now, preserving my strength for the spell.

It's not that i'm paranoid, but 1 more year to 2012 Doom Day!!! I need to prepare somehow, so i picked up some books for my cny (and doom day!) Was books shopping at Kino early today, i too, trying to look for the "Doom Day's Device" and i can't help to notice! This book caught my attention, it came in 2 volumes, book 1 and book 2. i like book 2 better for the travel destinations. Besides colorful travel photos, it insetted with cute and interesting Korean's style comic.

No matter how hard it is, i want to travel.

Yes, pretty gay it is, i bought Eat, Pray, Love. Reserved for the hibernation folks!

and "My Private Map II", i bought this couple of weeks ago, when it first launch! A blogger i followed, Yen wrote one of the story about Europe. and now she's traveling in USA now! Gee! Tell me about it.

Well, things haven't seem to work out my way, but somehow, part of it was an amazing success.

Happy Chinese New Year Everybody! 



tommyzine said...

my fren, i think i have to get my ass move forward dy =)

and oh yea, am looking for "my private map II" guess gonna grab it tmr! hehehehe.

HeeJW said...

u mean!!! study? when ur new sem begin? eh try looking for 再苦也要去旅行 too! =)

tommyzine said...

oh yea =D beginning of Mac. please make a big banner and welcome me ah! hehe.

i thought that is.. 《再窮也要去旅行》?

YEN said...

I came to US not really to travel, but to kinda "hibernate", to run away from something/some people. Just so you know CNY is quite a foe to me as well ;)

By the way, just a note to your friend. Both 《再苦也要去旅行》 and 《再穷也要去旅行》exist in the market :)

weeyingz said...

coincidentally i also had a severe fever on feb 08