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Thursday, February 10, 2011

One Seat: Local Shame

"One Seat of Shame" 
i was taking train the other day, i too, like the others was looking for a place to sit while waiting. i mean, who wants to stand all day waiting for public transport huh? One lady was actually standing in front of the guy in white shirt, pondering upon the empty seat. It blows my mind that he did not remove his bag set in the empty seat, but looks away. It was one seat of a local shame, the bag engraved "Multimedia University".



YEN said...

If I were the lady, I would straight away ask (with a smile): "Could you please remove your bag? I want to sit here." And most normal Malaysians would then remove their bags. It's that easy.

tommyzine said...

hooray Multimedia University. =D

HeeJW said...

the lady was actually staring at him for awhile. i went straight to his face and ask him to remove the bag. idiot.

assuming that he's my Uni junior. T.T

Yes2Film said...

this photo is really nice.... LIKE it so much