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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Green Walk towards the Gloomy Merdeka Square

Conflict doesn't lead to stability of a country but the cooperation? is a struggle!

300km Green Walk from Kuantan to Parliament started off with 70 ascetics on the first day (13.11.2012), accumulated to at least 15,000 supporters on last day (25.11.2012). Green Walk participants marched to demand projects review on Lynas Advanced Material Plant (Rare Earth Processing Plant), Raub Australian Gold Mining Sdn Bhd (Cyanide on Gold Mining), RAPID project (Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development), and Baram Hydro-electric Dam Project (Hydro-electric Dam) fighting for the rights to live in hazardous-free environment.

Check post on Green Walk journey.

Approaching the gloomy barricaded Merdeka Square, leader of the Green Walk Movement, Wong Tack and the rest of the 15,000 participants were denied entry into the Merdeka Square (Dataran Merdeka). DBKL officials present that the Merdeka Square was under renovation and no activities will be allowed there, an iconic square where he wishes to have dialogue with the Members of Parliament. He was then sit outside the barricaded square with 80 (or more!) other supporters from evening until the next morning.

The asceticism had inspired at least 15,000 participants but the petition to review hazardous projects had turned down from the governing bodies, deemed as conflict, as chaos in the country by main stream media. Cooperation is a struggle! To a culture that makes no stranger to democracy countries, the peaceful meaning of assembly, protest, rally. To a culture of press freedom, human rights, the concept of respect for people. So, how can we do this? Why can't a declared democratic country cooperate with us, integrate with us, balance with us? 
(Malaysia democracy ranking slipped to 82 and press freedom slipped to 104, all out of 150 countries.)

The root of belief, freedom for everyone, freedom of expressing opinions, equality, human rights, with responsibility; law and constitution? That often found contradict each other? 

++ images shot entirely on film with Nikon FE @50mm f1.2 Fujifilm Superia ISO200 Exp2014 CanoScan

the Green Ranger! 

Chanting at Titiwangsa Station, while waiting for the green walk participants 

Men, Women, Children marched on despite the weather. 

Green Walk asceticism manged to inspire crowds from a wide cross-section of Malaysia society. 
a melting pot, the current Governing Bodies failed to achieve over the past 55 years.

Our land is being occupied and the government is colluding with the corporations. 
There is no guarantee for the health of our future generations

"Stop Lynas! or die trying!" 
My arthritis hurt badly in the morning, i'd been longing for today for 2 weeks, 
i begged my husband, son, grandson, i must cheer for them. 

Marching towards the Merdeka Square, an iconic place dubbed as a symbol of independence. 

妙赞法师 prays for ascetics 

not only a melting pot but a sizzling cauldron! 

Some of what Main Stream Media, reported "2,000 participants". 

Wen Tan, who has been an excellent PR for the Green Walk, she takes good pictures,
presented them with beautiful digital artist's work, keep the information flows to the public. 

YB Lim Kit Siang, a prominent leader of the Democratic Action Party. 

(Jimmy Carter) We have become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different belief, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams. One mission- Stop Hazardous Industries. 

"It gives me the shivers talking about Rare Earth Plant." 

"After 13 days of walking, we're finally here!" announced Wong Tack.

 the barricaded Merdeka Square. Defying the symbol of independence. 

Green Walk participants held their head in disbelief, after denied entry to the iconic square. 


We neither walk behind nor in front, we walk side by side, be comrades. We didn't do it for the individual glory, we do it because we loved our home, bestow to liberals' applause. We owed Green Walk participants the peace of mind, we owed them not just thanks and best wishes, but action! We need to take action and every single voice of you makes a difference!

Green Walk might have ended, but the war just begun. Don’t let other people decide your fate; the choice is in your hand. Brace yourself for a greater blockade! Stop Lynas! Or die trying. 


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