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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Macro with Master Kurt

macro photography is really hard! you'll be lucky enough if someone willing to teach you! and i'm a lucky bastard who get to learn from kurt, a macro maestro. macro! it shapes up images not even bare eyes can see. something magical. and it'd been awhile since  i "wow-ed" at my own shots! WOW! macro is so much fun yet hard, an errant movement could just ruins your shots! it's just depressing. but Kurt would said: "don't worry. it'll come back =)"

here some of my shots.
an ant mimic Spider, and it's missing a leg. 
Robber Fly. it kidnaps your soul. sucks in and excrete out. 
a Spider

Proboscis Fly. or not? 
look at its proboscis! can't really see it, isn't's OOF! shite! 
Blue Dragonfly
Fly, should be the usual house fly.
front shot. 

i like this shot in fact, it's because of the shadow, the ambience light. 
but it's a bad shot. OOF. and under-expose. 

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Kurt said...

Nice shots HJW. Very good start. Keep it up. Macro is not tough...just need to practice more! Come join our outing some time. If you know of any nice macro places near your area, we can go there too:D

Thanks for the kind words:)

jennwei said...

thanks sifu =)hehe
a great start with your guidance! i'll check out some parks near my place this friday...see if i can find some interesting bugs...

and i'll definitely will love to join outing with you guys if i have the time =)
too bad i'm not free this weekend

wanna said...

hm.the spider is looking at you! so creeeeeepyyy.

jennwei said...

hehe. that's what make it interesting! eyes contact and catchlight! a better 1 last night...coming soon!!!