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Sunday, May 9, 2010

a Week-ends with Gathering

it'd been a well-spent weekend for me, meet up with Secondary football-mate JY on Friday, Ex-Course-mates Gathering on Saturday. it'd been a blossoms on fruitful tree =)
YS, CY & JY. we meet up at Puchong due to some darn over-rated food website. it's a shitty phony-baloney!
have you seem it? the ratings for Penang Passion Restaurant? it's the highest rated restaurant in Bandar Puteri Puchong! 4.7 out of 5!!! FINE. let's see what we'd tried at the restaurant.
"Pai-Tie", MYR 6.00. one piece one buck. the "pai-tie" tasted average for an appetizer.
highly recommended ABC from the website, well, it's sweet, not absolutely impressive at the price of MYR 6.00 and portion.  
CY ordered a nasi lemak, his quote "pasar malam nasi lemak tasted better!" giving 2 big huge gigantic prawn but too bad it's not a fresh prawn. quite over-priced for MYR 7.80 for a nasi lemak with not-so-fresh-gigantic prawn. Bravely i'll say, OldTown Nasi Lemak is way better!
me & YS had the fried rice, Penang Fried Rice & Pineapple Fried Rice, mine was okay, nothing impressive to be mention but it was not bad, and the satay chicken tasted quite nice too. but again. over-priced for a fried rice tasted average and small portion at MYR 7.80
JY's "Char Kuey Teoh". his quote: "it sucks!" and i reckon, he's rude. darn rude fellow. it costed him MYR 7.80.
but we didn't give up! we swear to find the value that made this restaurant rated at 4.7! we ordered Penang Otak-Otak... man, i'm genuinely from East Coast M'sia, and this shit ain't no good shit. it was not nice at all! the texture was too soft as if you're chewing a peanut butter jelly jam! imagine that! and it's costed us MYR 6.00 !
absolutely Over-rated, Over-Priced, i swear i'll never go back. Adios!


ON the Next day, Saturday, we had a decent breakfast at Bukit Serdang, a.k.a Kg. Serdang Baharu, it's a hidden gem in Bukit Serdang, i bet you can't find it if you're wasn't from around.
some House-turn-into-Business gem. it's somewhere hidden in Bukit Serdang. i can't dwell on exactly how to go, i have the responsibility to protect its' legacy.
fish noodles and Curry-Chicken noodle. fish is silky, fresh, sweet. Good fish. but just a little oily.
my curry chicken noodle worth its' every penny! the curry chicken blended perfectly, chicken is filled with curry, curry is filled with the sweetness of chicken, love the curry! again, the noodle is disappointing. but never mind, the curry chicken compensate the imperfection.
YS had the fish head noodle. well, it wasn't so bad, but it's a little oily...the fish head is good!

after Breakfast, i head toward the Curve for my ex-coursemates gathering.
JJ Heng. just quitted his job and starting his own business soon... soon*period*
Chester, at IBM. still single, valueble and available.

Bobbin. she'd slimmed down tremendously on the face but gain weight extremely on the tummy. got a big frame and stupid fringe. still single and available.
we had our lunch at the Vivo. the environment is good, love especially the natural light spreads over the restaurant.
i tried the Tropical BBQ chicken chop, it'd seem highly recommended...
and so, i'd tried. it's surprisingly above my expectation! the Chicken Chop is grilled nicely! it mingled greatly with the BBQ sauce, Chicken Chop is soft & juicy, as if you're having Fillet Steak! absolutely juicy!
some of the Chums.
after Lunch, we watched the IRON MAN 2. a mixed rated movie =(
seriously, it wasn't that bad. at least it's better than The Lightning Thief.
we dined in Kim Gary.

spent the great time over The was a great Gathering.
Thanks to Chester!


Chesiteru said...

Haha~~ My pleasure bro, don't have to mention it. It's a great pleasure to see you and everyone again. How I wish I could gather more people and make it even better.. Well.. we'll just plan it for our next trip. It would be better if we have 48 hrs a day. Just can't finish our topics in a day. LoL~ Cheerz to ALL!


jennwei said...

owh man. it was really a great gathering mate. we have to make this official once a month thing =) mayb we can make the gathering off shore pangkor...malacca...ipoh...kuantan...hehe said...

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