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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Getaway- Malacca

made a short trip to Malacca on the weekend with CS, a friend i'd known for 10 years! also a Liverpool companion, football mate.
met up with Mr. Yang for lunch. we had pork rib noodles =)
after lunch, we made a spin to MBO hopefully to catch a movie, unlucky there wasn't any movie well worth watching... people makes so many rubbish movie nowadays. we try our luck at Nadeje, the over-rated Japs, French bakery... i mean. look at the queue! good lord!
yea. Mr. Yang wears specs nowadays... look so aunty with the handbag...
so many people yet so little cakes...
cs is so excited!!! trying his first Nadeje...
Mr. Yang & Ms. Lin... she keeps telling us Mr. Yang beats her. why lar Yang? so violent.
Finally! it's our turn after a long hour waits... Original Milicrepe! this turns out to be the best of the day! i love it. cs hearts it. yang eat it. lin claimed it stinks!
this was like Today's Special Milicrepe. precisely no good... =(
the worst of all, is this Chiffon, recommended by the storekeeper... ='(
but the environment is good. and we got the couch seats! i call it the VIP leather seats.
then we spend the evening hideout at Mr. Yang's cribs. and Fried Oyster for Dinner!
wasn't as good during my study times many many years was rather oily, salty. but the portion is still darn huge, not even Yang could finish it!

yes! i went all the way to Malacca for this! UEFA Champion League Final!
all hail, Milito!
took a nap after the game, got up at 10am, had a breakfast and back to KL. what a weekend =)

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Quote of the Year, credited to Ms. Jadez.
"Having a DSLR doesn't make you a photographer, you're just the man with a camera."


Kurt said...

Yum yum..must go try the milli crepe..haven't tried one yet.

haan said...

see ur msg on my friend's blog. she's in UK, might not know the harvest season. it's starting soon in June. June and Dec.. always the time to harvest.

jennwei said...

Kurt | u must try the Original Milicrepe ONLY! cause the rest just tasted exactly like original but worst. hehe...can lah, make a trip to Mlc...

Haan | hey. appreciate your information =)