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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Show You My Macro Rig

Credited to Master Kurt the OrionMystery latest improvement on his Snoot Diffuser! Snoot 2.0

i stole this from his Facebook, OM in action! all sweet and sour... ...
i made some small adjustment on my DIY Snoot Diffuser, instead of making the diffuser adjustable, i made it static. the reason worth being i want 1:1 macro all the way!!! it's a commitment to 1:1 Macro.

alright alright! i screw up my DIY, i forgot to make the diffuser adjustable!!! damn. here's my screwed up macro rig with NicoBella & SB600. one of the reason i need to make a new diffuser simply because my previous Flash sucks! now with SB600! i'll have faster recycle time, better flash control, more consistence, and i can have wireless flash (do i really need it? *grin*)... shut up already, here's my Rig.
and here's some test run results.
nothing impressive, but for the sake of recycle power and consistency. thanks God!
may be i should try towel paper to diffuse the light...



Kurt (aka OrionMystery) said...

Looking good JW :)

How many layers of front diffuser material? And what material do u use?

jennwei said...


just one layer, i'm using those printer wrapper, kinda plastic/polyster-like. i'm not sure if it really suitable...cause i rmbr Ed was using that during Rimba outing...

i'm not sure if i shud change to paper towel layering...will give it a try later...