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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

TCIII | 2010

last month i joined some of the TCXG team for the routine camp to TCIII.
Sand dunes, Tents, Camp fire, Barbeque, Lone Moon, Rain... loads of FUN!

that's my Mamiya!!! Couldn't get any B&W chemicals to develop its' film yet. So hold on ye!
and of course. it was around our independence day!

+ this is me jumping off the cliff!
despite me getting Dengue Fever! it was a great weekend spending with friends. Well. i'd been rested for 2 weeks now, hospitalized for a week. i'm 98% fully recovered!!!

feel free to jump in the cars and make road trip!

all images captured by Lomo Smena 8m, Kodak Gold 200 (ISO200).


st4rfish said...

u guys surely hav fun there, nice camp~

& glad 2 hear u recover from sick dy, bring mosquito repellant next time, now ktn oso got many denggi black-list area

jennwei said...

Eh! i brought 蚊怕水 geh leh...pun kena Dengue geh...Aedes 都唔怕水!

yalor. u all come back be extra careful...Kuantan is Black-listed now!!!