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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Into the Wild Green yonder with Photo-Cycling!

hasn't make any photo-walk for awhile until recently, me and my friend, Terry hopped on our Bikes then make a photo-cycle trip up North yonder the wild green and sands!!! i miss cycling a lot! thanks for the Convoy my friend!

before navigating upon the journey, we fuel up at the "Meng Fong" Restaurant with Kaya + Butter toast!

look at how cocky Terry was. beside cycling, we made a little weight treks too!
after 40 minutes cycling towards North, we got to an unknown beach. Enjoying the breeze and post war-artifacts!
Enjoying ourselves at the Wild Green.
we got to Beserah Beach eventually! SURPRISE!!!
in the nick of time for the last "Fasting Month" Bazaar! a last day for our Muslim friends enduring the fasting and jubilate Raya ahead!
and we enjoying our junket dependent upon the abandon playground.


it was a rattling photo-cycle journey! have to do it again!!! =)


Porkie Pie said...

Nice. Now where are Terry's pictures?

jennwei said...

thanks! +) terry's pictures engraved in his heart.