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Sunday, November 21, 2010

[JW] An Ecstatic Shot of Self Portrayal

It was a Rhapsody! I'd finally done my self portrait! Kudos to 2 of my friends! You both are amazing! I'd been finding my way to convey imagination in my head through photography, it didn't turn out the exact way i imagined, but it was a great effort, especially from 2 of my friends! Real great helpers, curtain call for the both of you.

"One day! I'll express my imagination the exact way! Promise!"

Director of Photography: HeeJW
Assistants: TH. Liew, CCHeng
Outfit Stylist: HeeJW
Hair Stylist: TH. Liew
Idea Originated: HeeJW
Inspired by: Sunny T.



tommyzine said...

omg crazy monkey!! how did you do that?

jennwei said...

eh...i very cham 1 leh...jump + fall from so high...hurt my hips and shoulder...but it wasn't actually what i imagined it to be...=/ hehe. Self portrait is very hard lor...u wana be my model argh?

tommyzine said...

are you serious? cause i wonder how did you shoot those scene. @@" like upside down. that's so damn cool.

and ok, i don't want to hurt your camera lar... your camera will be very suffer if i am one of ur model. LOL

jennwei said... spoilt tat easy meh...keke...the defying gravity things had been in my head for so long...been looking for models. but when explaining the shots, some dun reli wana do it and some wan2 charge so much...

dragged for so long, i decided to do it myself camera din suffer oso...=)

how i really wish i could execute the shots with i be see the composition...=/