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Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Dear Wimpy Diary

my Dear diary, when i first started the Chronicles in 2007, I believed it served as a purpose of working paper for my life in chronicles. So one day when i got old, it reminiscences my lost memories. I'd been a big fans of my own blog. I read it over and over again, because i think it's a damn good blog!

So, no colorful photographs to dress up this entry, it'll be plain HJW's thought about his recent messed up life. You still want to read on? Well, it's your choice. If you were bored to death because of this entry i won't be responsible for an effing thing! lalala~

How i messed up my life in 5 days? by breaking up with the woman i'd been love and care for the past 4 in a half years. My dear, the love doesn't stop here. When i was alone, i had a lot of reflections about our life. To be honest. We're preaching a different future. which i believe nobody would reckon with those kind of lifestyle that i'm pursuing. I planned to quit my job in few years time, after paying all these debts. i would live on undiscovered some where around the world, washing dishes or milking the cow. Better deal! Photographing! i would live on like Alexander the Super Tramp. May be publish a book journalizing my chronicles, i'll buy it! Should be good!

Let there be light my love, i wish you live on and prosper! Like Star Trek!

On the second day, i was musing about friendship. Friendship is very important to me. So, i made one of the biggest decision of my life, by doing something, other people would afraid to do. That's some unbearable childish mindset about the culture i lived on, people is afraid to speak out the naked truth because they want to please everyone. So Everybody Loves Raymond. i made it on a road less travelled. i pissed every inches of my friends off, well mostly. my secondary school friends. When everybody was turning my back, it was kinda, i mean devastated, but deep down within, i'm glad, at least i know i achieved what i planned. On surface, for everyone, i'd made a wrong decision, but what is right and wrong? you're right because you're doing what everybody did! And you're wrong! because you're doing something different than your culture would allow! Yes. i have no issue on lesbian or gay.

Let there be firmament between Light and Dark. Right and Wrong. If everyone thinks they are on the right side, then i'm wrong. As simple as that.

Third day. a big leap for my career, i was offered a second chance to be able to travel oversea, by being with the Global team. I declined. I know it's a wrong decision by turning that down. Because traveling is always the stuff i wanted to do! Obviously, i made a wrong decision. So what? If everybody wants to be big boss, let them be, i'll stays to be the servant. I don't mind if i wasn't rich, but i can't give up my stands. As always. I believed.

Let there be heaven and hell, if the world populated with 300 people and only 299 empty places in Heaven, I don't mind going to hell.

Fourth Day. again, i blew up a chance. a change to be venture in commercial photography. it only took me 7 second to declined the offer, i pick up photography because i love it. I Love the freedom in photography, not to please anybody. I stayed as a hobbyist, and no regret. also, because i'm no good in photography.

Let there be a strong will within yourself, sometimes you just need to hold on to it, especially your dream! no matter how many people told you it was wrong, remember that's always somebody out there backing you up secretly.

Fifth Day. I rested and enjoyed all the messes in my life. and here's some compliment for myself.

it's MIFA guys! Enjoy! i'm off home this weekend after 2 months of MIA. Enjoy your weekend! tk.

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