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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Resurrecting my Wimpy Macro!

hey! It marks my 300th entry! Commemorating my come back. What exactly am i coming back from? It wasn't exactly a "come back" but resurrection of my photography. I sold my camera and gears back in December 2010 and now i'm back with a different body with only 2 lenses, Nikkor 50mm f1.4 and Tamron SP90mm f2.8. I'm still stick to Nikon, I got to admit loving the grip of it, and it would spare my financial crisis for not switching to other brands.

During my 4 months self-discovering journey, i'd redefine my space and concentration.

My wimpy macro started up real slow, i found myself wandering not find anything the whole morning. My hands were shaking, and i need more warm-ups!

Full Frame Kimber has give me more viewing space, bigger and brighter 95% coverage. Awesome!
Here's the spotlight of the day! a Native Drone Fly, eristalinus punctulatus from far, it looks as if a Bumblebee, a bee mimic fly. Fascinating creature with bright yellow-black striped and large strange spotted eyes, it was about a size of 10mm. They hover and make a droning noise like a bee, and hence named drone fly.

i give thanks to the Lord, invoke his name, make known of His deeds; for creating such a rattling beautiful creature, also allow us presenting to the world through macro-photography. Make known the beauty of nature.



Kurt (OrionMystery) said...

Nice shots JW. Welcome back. Nice new toy you have. The lenses are new too?

HeeJW said...

it's great to be back Master Kurt. it's still the same old lens with different body =)

it's time to get a 1.4 ET and improve my snoot!