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Friday, July 22, 2011

Random Scrawling

-Just some random ramblings-

Food plays a vital role in cultural identity of any nation. Somehow, it defines us. The change of life pace, unorganized rapid town developments, demand for luxuries, eruption of fast foods...significantly made a down payments to some loss of our food identity. 'twasn't only about the food, but the environment as well.

Uppermost devastating, is the lost of interest from our young lads to cultural cuisine. Don't blame the hardworking labors, i blame the government.

Malaysia was once regarded as one of the Asia's most promising emerging economies but the story has soured over decades. The government's failure to speed up economic reform is partly to be blame, but the underlying cause of policy gridlock is social tension. The ruling National Front coalition maintains an uneasy peace between the 3 main ethnic groups.

Nonetheless, the government introduced "Interlok" novel to the curriculum in some public schools. Despite the novel depicted Indian Community in an offensive way, who's trying to upset peace?

Not to mention our upsetting High inflation rate vs Low salary. "Malaysia has a low wage inflation". i certainly did not make that up, i quoted it from the MSC Malaysia website.

Those good old days are over.
We could no longer afford heavy-taxed items, thank god for replicas!

People worked hard trying to make a living...
Selling handmade items.

Selling fruits, but dare not demonstrate Yellow bananas due to our disrespectful Dato' Sri Najis Najib Razak in illegalize Yellow Color? Placing an insult to the monarchy system.

In their stories, it's all sorrow and hardship. it's a challenge making a living in town. i don't accuse them for cursing peaceful demonstrations that ruined their business. Blame authorities that violated human rights and disrupted peaceful gathering. Blame mainstream media that distorted the truth.

Some, took it easy, sang it over in a sad sad song.

Some, has no time to rest or too busy to bother about "what-is-bersih".

when you cried over wanting a new pretty shoes, there are people who can't even wear a shoes.
when you found yourself in a tail spin of bad habits, cry, pull yourself up and walk on. Don't give up on Malaysia. just yet.

One week after to where i stood, the "ground zero" of police brutality towards Bersih marchers. "Hidup hidup! Hidup Rakyat!" distantly chanted. Despite being unarmed, Bersih marchers were treated as if terrorists. A disgrace to human rights.

We'd lived under 1Blackmalaysia for many years, from bribe to murder. Racism and discrimination. You do what you do best, by not abide to laws insulting human rights. That's a hell fancy way to be a law abiding citizen. Don't be persuaded by others who tell you what to do, be a dreamer!

In a country which is not Blind-friendly, the Blinds walk with faith in their heart. We do our best helping them, guiding their way home. We too, need faith in our heart. Faiths for change.

Faiths for change. the land is so rich, why should we suffer like this?  

i'd complained so much about my country, but i love Malaysia.
yet, just because it's a home, it doesn't mean we have to accept and compliance with the current state of the country. To be proud of one's country is one thing, but to be proud, oblivious, ignorant to problems is a whole different matter.

¡tanah tumpah darahku!


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