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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Saturday Night Macro

it'd been a crazy Saturday! Sleep deprivation! Macro Maniac! No rest!
early Saturday morning, i went checking out the Putrajaya Wetlands. Just wasn't my lucky day, the wetlands seem to be too young. Rather disappointed feeding mosquitoes for the off pulling result.
seeing the proboscis fly is a boost in morality... ...
Praying Mantis with Prey.
and Flamingos? Hmm... i wander why it's not pink?
an Iridescent Jumping Spider. too bad 1:1 Macro couldn't get me any closer, it's too small!!!
this should be another jumper...
Butterfly sucking nectar.
it'd been a 3 hours lost and search in the Wetlands, should have just rent the bike! damn! Morning Macro ends about 12pm, Lunch, back up the pictures, gear up for the night macro!!!
Night Macro is much fun than i thought! no mosquitoes at all?! so chilling. best thing all, you got to see some extremely hard to catch bug, resting at the tips of your nose.
Caterpillar kicks start the adventurous night...
the Jumper wrapping up its' prey frantically
the dark beetle
Don't you think this is cute? the head so big but the body so small =D
and then!!! my first ever Tiger Beetle!!! TIGER BEETLE MAN!!! ohh man!
a Close-Up at the purple red Dragon!
the size of this beast? it's a huge as the size of palm!!! Scary!!! it's much more horrifying when you see it move so darn fast!!! as if it's going to climb up your armpits!!! scarey...
hope this is what i wish it is. the so freaking huge Crab Spider
another Huge Huntsman Spider!!!
the Soldier Beetle, namely COOL!
Wolf Spider carrying Babies on its' back!!! and shit! i miss the eye shot! damn! i miss my magnifying eyepiece!!!
Nursery Web Spider carrying egg sacs, couldn't get a good shot at this, it keep hiding...
and this is cool! a Jumper with eggs... it seems like an expectant season for the Spiders!!!

Awesome macro spot!!! man. it'd been a wonderful macro maniac day! what a Saturday!

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Kurt (aka OrionMystery) said...

Night macro is fun, right?

That's a blister beetle btw.

jennwei said...

Sure do!!! hehe... esp with u guys!!! =D