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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Battle of Macro-thon

Macro Marathon is a test of physical endurance and mental strength! Despite hiking with our gear weights, duel with the hot and humid weather, it also a dogfight with the mosquitoes! 8 hours of endurance, is sensational!
of course, it's a time when you meet friends sharing the common ground.

Lynx Spider with eggsac. it is truly an amazing expectant season for spiders around the area!
not sure what type of spider, but it looks gorgeous! ID from Kurt (thanks!), it's a Spitting Spider. they are small and slow, but they spit! Spitting Spider uses its' silk gland to spit silk to capture prey, they might be slow, but they spit faster than my shutter speed! at 1/600th second!  
soldier beetles pairing.
Spotted Hopper. it sure look handsome! notice a red dot at the front hop leg? it's a tick. 1:1 Macro couldn't get any close enough for the tick. but it'll sure give ye a goosebump!
and man!!! look at this! my first Male Giraffe Weevil! Giraffe Weevil endemic to Madagascar, it derives from the extended long neck like the common giraffe. absolutely smashing insect!!!
the Crab Spider, why it was called a crab? mainly because it resembles a crab, 2 front pairs of legs angled outward like the claws and body are flatten like crab shell, also, it moves like those crab too, sideway or backward. very fascinating insect!
this which i reckon. should be a long jawed orb weaver.
and this!!! cute little female Giraffe Weevil!!! so cute!!!
a colourful caterpillar found at the top of our hike...very colourful.
the significant pest for mankind! Asian Tiger Mosquito!!! aka. Aedes Albopictus!!!
eyep. it's biting me... OUCH!

ladybug...they are generally consider useful insects as many species feed on pests in the garden...
and a few i'm not sure what's the species yet bugs...ID from Kurt =D Assassin BUG!!!
Shield bugs
and when i trying to shoot flies...Kurt says: " Fly also want to shoot argh? " hehe
look at this fellow, Wolf Spider with EggSac!!! they're every where!!! or is this the same one i meet over and over again... that's ridiculous.
and some fluffy bug. yes it's a bug, i saw it moves...assassin bug mah...
and what the duece! when i look through the thick jungle leaves! i found this!!! a crab spider putting on Golden Tortoise beetle as a top hat!!! a Golden Tortoise Spider?!
it was actually. tortoise beetle was caught on by this little crabster. Crab! Crab Spider is not in focus! Crab!
remember this? we went last week, this little jumper was protecting its' egg in the web! well. ka-boom!!! egg hacked!
and this bugger was sitting right on my monopod...Hooray! buggers started to like me =) not sure what this is... orb?
omg! a cacoon??! of what?
and this piece of pile dirts...derrick told me it's an assassin bug! it camouflages itself! can you believe it? cool!
hey! you again! the same old Wolf Spider i met this evening?
ohh boei. i have no idea what this is...i just tembak as Kurt told...ID from Kurt (thanks ye) Assassin Bug Nymph!
a huge Nursery Web Spider with a huge egg sac. if you notice, all species of Spiders have its' own way to protect it youngs... and all are very protective!

the battle of Macro-thon!!! awesome!!!

ID updated. Credits to Kurt!
*CliCK here for Full Macro-marathon album!*

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